Adjustment of Damage and Healing Scaling per Level

Over the last years, we have added various ways and means which granted additional strength and power to characters through features such as the exaltation forge, the prey system or imbuing, just to name a few. On top of that, the winter update will introduce another powerful feature players will benefit from: the skill wheel.

At the same time, the speed at which characters gain levels has been accelerating over time and nowadays, many already have characters beyond level 1000. Yet, their damage and healing continues to grow by 1 every 5 levels. It has become clear that this scaling is outdated and too steep since it raises a character’s power too fast. We want to address this, and also put more weight on equipment and skills.

Therefore, the impact that a character’s level has on the character’s damage and healing will be mitigated.

With tomorrow’s server save, the overall scaling of damage and healing increase through level will be adjusted as follows:

  • Till level 500: no change, damage and healing +1 every 5 levels.
  • As of level 501-1100: damage and healing +1 every 6 levels
  • As of level 1101-1800: damage and healing +1 every 7 levels
  • As of level 1801-2600: damage and healing +1 every 8 levels
  • As of level 2601-3500: damage and healing +1 every 9 levels
  • Above level 3500 it continues with the same logic (steps of 500, 600, 700, etc.)

For a current level 800 this means: Before this change this character’s level increased its damage and healing by 160, after this adjustment its damage and healing is reduced by 10 to 150 (+1 every 5 levels till level 500, +1 every 6 levels from level 501 to level 800).

This change will apply retroactively which means the damage and healing output of characters above level 500 will be lower than before depending on their current level. Please keep in mind that a large part of a character’s damage output is determined by the skill and spell used so the actual impact of this change varies.

We know that this is a significant step but it is necessary for the balance of the game, especially since the upcoming skill wheel will overall make characters stronger than they were before tomorrow’s adjustment.

For Tibia!

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