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The collector communities in Tibia are one of the most popular, either because of the value of the items or because of the purchasing power they have to acquire these items, whether they are rare or from fansites, but have you ever thought, how did the interest of this person start in collecting items? Well, in this interview you will know the history of Chrixzs.

For people who don’t know you, what is your name, where are you from and what server do you play on?

Chrixzs: Hi! My name is Cristian Ortiz, I’m from Santa Cruz Bolivia and I currently play on the server Wintera.

How did you know or who introduced you to Tibia?

Chrixzs: At school almost all my classmates played, but as such, a neighbor who had just moved in happened to study in the same school.

What were the first items on your collection?

Chrixzs: First item I collected was a Ferumbras’ hat (bought) a week later I looted one in the Ferumbras Mortal Shell and my first fansite was the epic wisdom.

Was there something that motivated you to start collecting?

Chrixzs: I just started getting/buying items that I liked and as a compulsive buyer, it’s non-stop.

Since when did you start your way as a collector?

Chrixzs:Since Tibia 10.6 approximately year 2015.

What are the items on which your collections are currently based?

Chrixzs: I’m still thinking about buying/getting items that I like, but lately I’ve been leaning towards fansites.

Of all the collections you have had, what has been the item that has cost you the most to have?

Chrixzs: Not for a question of price, but the fansite Dark Wizard’s Crown, was one of the items that I wanted and dreamed of for many years, currently because of the Cipsoft raffle events, this item has already been made more accessible to the public.

What has been the most desired item for you, in the past and currently?

Chrixzs: The most desired item of all time Winged helmet which I had in 2015 and currently I’m based a bit more on leveling up with my party so I could say a Grand Sanguine Bow with the proper tier on it, but speaking of rares I think I’ll go back to buy a Golden Helmet or a Horned Helmet.

What is your goal as a collector? What do you plan to get to?

I don’t have anything planned, I just like to decorate my house, put items in it and buy items that catch my attention or I like.

Have you sold your collections and regretted it?

Chrixzs: I have sold my collection 3 times and yes, I regret certain items that I possibly can’t get today or the price is too complicated or way too exaggerated, year 2015 Cateroides’ doll, since from what I understand they only exist 4 copies and 2 are owned by the owner of the fansite, the one that belonged to me is currently in Antica, a friend has it for sale, and the other is in non-pvp.

In 2019, on a yellow server I had all the original transferable items: Golden Blessed shield, Golden Crown, Golden Magic Longsword, Golden warlord sword, in addition to three Golden runes won by me and a yellow rose.

To finish in 2023 I sold to Braulio one of the Solidera leaders/banker, Golden helmet, amazon set and other rares.

Finally, on which server can players find your houses with your collections to see the items. Also your social media, so that everyone can take a look at the screenshots of the decorations you publish of your collections.

Chrixzs: I currently have 2 houses on the server Wintera, both houses are in my DecoChar “King of Seanera” Harbor Place 1 (Shop) (Thais) and Darashia, Villa (Darashia).

I can be found and followed on Instagram, I upload content of my char’s progress and decorations as well as updates on my decorations and items. You can find me as Chri_xsz.

With this we end this excellent interview with Chrixzs. It’s great to know the stories of the players and to know why they are dedicated to collecting, designing, decorating and more, Tibia is a game for everyone and there is no end.

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