Nightmare Doll

Nightmare Doll, as everyone knows, is one of the high-value prizes that supported and promoted fansites give in some of their contests, but do you know the story behind this famous item?

This was the first sprite created by Li Dao to participate in a Tibia contest, so its story begins when TibiaFriends (Fansite now inactive) announced their contest to create a fansite article representing TibiaFriends in the game, the theme was about friendship. The winner of the contest was Sir Ruffuzz with his Friendship Amulet, since Li Dao’s Nightmare Doll had nothing to do with the Fansite theme, but it was still quite appreciated and got second place.

Friendship Amulet

Nightmare Doll

But this story doesn’t end here, the content department liked the sprite so much that they decided to implement it in the game and it became the only item that has been implemented in the game without winning first place.

Currently, the Nightmare Doll continues to be one of the most desired prizes in contests by players.

FanArt created by Li Dao for getting second place.

If you want to know more about Li Dao and his art, you can use this link and go to TibiaFanart. (click here for more)

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