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Have you ever thought about the history of rare items? For some they are just items, while for others they are relics. This article was created to know the history of each item, or at least the myths that are known about them.

Some years ago, rare items were easily obtained, so much so that it was very common to see low level players with rare items, but all this changed and now some of them can only be obtained through buying and selling between players or some of them became prizes in contests by CipSoft.

Remember that some of the stories in this article are not fully substantiated, as what little is known about some items is rumors, opinions and research by mystery fans. If you want to contribute or correct something to our content you can leave it in the comments or contact us via instagram, email or discord.

This beautiful and elegant dress is one of the rarest. In addition Queen of Light II received one, it is believed that she reported an important bug, also Savage Demon won this beautiful dress in a competition.

In addition, there is a Ball Gown displayed on a counter in Hugo’s fashion store in Venore. And since the winter update in 2010 the Ball Gowns have been a very rare gift from Santa Claus.

It was implemented on August 11, 2004.

These beautiful bunny slippers are a very rare item and are given by Santa very rarely, and several players from different worlds claim to have obtained them from the Yetis. They are also visible at Santa’s house in Vega.

Among the players who proved to have obtained the BunnySlippers from a Yeti was Grove Max on the server Celesta.

Blessed Shield was first introduced with the 5.1 beta update on June 18, 1999.

During this time, CipSoft asked for help from the gaming community to design graphics to replace the older “Ultima” graphics that were in use and to expand the game’s equipment to adapt it to a bigger player base. Elleshar was known for his amazing work in creating many of the difficult environmental graphics that few people wanted to do themselves, as people were more into creating new swords, shields and dragons with rainbow colors. It was usual for graphic designers to receive an object as a reward for their work.

Between June 15, 2002 and November 4, 2002 the shield defense was reduced to 45 def. Even in those days Tibia was an old game and Lightbringer eventually lost interest as his real life became more important. He sold the shield privately for an “offer that no one could outbid”.

Rumor has it that there are 2 others, given by the gods to players in non pvp worlds. Others may exist, but at the moment no others have been seen on display, so if they do, they are hidden on depots. The Blessed Shield is currently owned by Rei de Lutabra.

The Bronze Necklace is a very old and exclusive amulet. Many years ago it is said to have appeared once in the Venore swamp.

It was a gift from CipSoft as 2nd place for Tibia Ball League in 2003 in Antica.

Another was rewarded to Mystic Videl for winning Tibiopedia’s “Tibian Traveller” contest on August 31, 2009.

Another was rewarded to Sahsy for winning the tibiafriends “My Tibia Story” contest on May 15, 2010.

Another was rewarded to Whinorn Lube for winning the New Year’s Lottery sponsored by TibiaTR and TibiaLottery on January 2, 2011.

The Bronze Necklaze is currently one of the highest value awards given by the Fansites in their contests.

It is one of the most unique and popular of all rares items, as only one is known to exist in all of Tibia. The story of this rare item began when it was first seen on the Antica server, when GM Knightmare dropped it next to a Crystal Wand in the temple of Thais in 2000.

After the character transfer system was implemented, the Crown has changed its owner several times, so it is currently on Lutabra’s server and the owner of this beautiful jewelry item is Rei de Lutabra.

It was a very rare loot from the Chayenne Anniversary Remains during Tibia’s 15th Anniversary. CipSoft held events that had this item as a prize. It is very valuable because of its exclusivity, so it can only be obtained through buying and selling between players.

Besides being a rare and very cool item for decorations, it is also a very useful item, as it is the main element to perform Realm of Dream Quest. This item only exists on the yellow servers and therefore the few music boxes that exist on the green servers have been obtained through fansite contests.

The Eye of Storm was created to be an alternative to the Frozen Starlight item and, therefore, can be equipped in your inventory. This item was added in version 10.20.

The Eye of Storm can be obtained through a rare invasion of Boss Ocyakao.

Golden of the Star, also known as Golden Helmet and part of the Golden Set, is a very old item in the game. During the first years of Tibia it was very easy to obtain Golden Helmets, as the dragons gave as loot these rare items, such as the Magic Plate Armor, Fire Sword and Golden Helmet.

And for this reason a lot of low level characters had these items, after an update in 1997, in which all the now rare items were removed and the whole configuration of the item system was reformed. As of that update, rare items were hard to get. Maybe it was not as difficult as it is today, but still much more difficult than before.

When the server was back online with the new update, many complained about the changes in their items, while Galadriiell went ahead and went to the depths of Thais in Mintwallin and she encountered a Demon, as a reward she got the famous Golden of the Star and an Enchanted Plate Armor, she was upset because she thought it was still very easy to get these items, but at that time nobody knew that this beautiful treasure only appeared once, so it was Galadriiell the first and only player who had these beautiful items for some time.

The Golden Helmet obtained by Galadriiell is the only one on record and this is where the myths begin If it is the only one on record why are there so many others on different servers? Some mention that this Golden Helmet was duplicated because in the past there was a way to duplicate items, but gamesmasters would remove duplicate items.

Another of the myths mentioned by Tibians is that there is a quest whose reward is the Golden Helmet and some people are reading the lore in many parts of Tibia to get an answer, but for now the Golden of the Star or Golden Helmet can only be obtained through buying and selling between players.

Golden Boots, part of the magnificent Golden Set, is considered by many Tibians to be the best boots in Tibia.

These valuable and incredible boots were first given to Erana on Nova for reporting a bug that allowed players to get a free premium account. The Golden Boots could also be seen at an exhibition at El Tibianic on Antica on October 9, 2004. In addition to their new sprite, they have also been reintroduced into the game. They were first obtained from a Boss in Malvera by Ghazbaran.

The Great Shield could be obtained by Dragon Lords many years ago for some time. It was so difficult to obtain one, as there were only three Dragon Lords, one in Plains of Havoc, one in Thais and one in Deeper Fibula .

In addition, Dragon Lords were one of the most difficult monsters at that time, later when Cipsoft removed the Daemons (Ancient Demons). Most of the players were between level 50. Also few people played Tibia, less than 300 players online. Some time later they discovered a way to catch the Dragons Lords, in a diagonal way, avoiding the fire waves, in this way many people began to hunt them, but in spite of this, it was very rare for someone to obtain a Great Shield, maybe one per month.

Currently it can be obtained through Bosses such as: Ferumbras, Ghazbaran and Morgaroth.

When Poh was introduced, along with it came Outlaw Camp and the ruins of an ancient city subway.

Today, that location is a quest called Bright Sword, but in the past it was the Horned Helmet sector. This item appeared at every Update on the map. It is to this day a priceless item for collectors. Eternal Oblivion was the first player to have this helmet.

The weapon entered Antica in the early days and was discovered by Arieswar and Taghor. As the item was illegally added to Tibia, it was removed a few days later.

It appeared again, this time appearing illegally inside Cyclopes where it was found by Ghaleon. He made a deal with Arieswar and used it for a week, before Guido found out. The Arieswars depot was removed as a punishment for not reporting the weapon. It was not until the 2003 convention that the weapon returned, as a reward to the organizers. Hagbard held a private auction for the weapon, and only allowed persons of merit to bid on the item. Sioberky bought the item and put it for sale himself. Recca tried to buy the item, using Alex as a middleman, but Alex had other plans and stole everything.

The Maigc Longsword is currently held by Rei do Lutabra, as are the Blessed Shield and the Crown.

The Shield of Honour was implemented in Tibia on January 7, 2002, as a free gift for those who purchased a 7-month premium account.

This award was the first and last offered by Cipsoft, as they received many complaints from players that Cip was selling wealth. This article was a special promotion for the 5th anniversary of Tibias and as a kick-off for the introduction of premium accounts that started only three months before. This fragment can be viewed in the Tibia news archive or as follows:

I January 7, 1997, Tibia went online for the first time. This means that today is Tibia’s fifth birthday! Due to our anniversary, we want to give a special gift to all players who sign up for a 7-month premium account or extend their premium accounts for 7 months. They will receive the so-called shield of honor. This is a limited time offer. Payment is due by January 31.

In addition, we would like to announce that we will be introducing new premium account features in few weeks. These include in-game support for guilds, the ability for experienced characters to perfect their vocations to achieve new titles, as well as new spells. Stay tuned!

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that character transfers between accounts are only possible until January 15.

The only way to get this shield today is from Cipsoft, the official Tibia fansites don’t even have this shield in the prize pool for their fansite contests, besides

obtaining this shield as an individual from Cipsoft is extremely rare, it is said that the last person to obtain a Shield of Honour from Cipsoft was Mytherin. He was the creator of the famous add-on for Tibia (TibiaLyzer). With the introduction of Battleye, TibiaLyzer had to disappear. But today you can see many things in Tibia that are more or less inspired by TibiaLyzer. Therefore, Cipsoft awarded Mytherin with a Shield of Honor, 9000 TibiaCoins and a CM Token to show their gratitude towards his work.

Only two such Hammers existed in the game, one was a gift from the gods to Patryn for his work at the convention, the other illegal obtained by Warrax from the behemoth quest in one shot, using his purchased gm, Ender Speaker of the Dead. After the elimination of Warrax, the hammer was lost and sold. The buyer lost more than the hammer when he did not listened SGM Flattery’s words, losing his depot along with the Hammer.

“In the times of terror, some of the best dwarven smiths were held captive by Blog’s forces. They were forced to teach the secrets of blacksmithing to Blog’s sons, the Cyclopes. Kazrad Rockfist, a dwarven hero, faced many dangers to find the hidden subway forges. He sneaked in and managed to free the captives, but as they ran for the exit, they found the steel doors sealed. With the rampaging Cyclopes of Blog at their backs, the dwarf began to pray to their gods and at the last minute they got an answer from the heavens. Kazrads’ hammer was blessed, and with a single powerful blow the hero shattered the gates, allowing all the captives to escape. Wielded in many battles as a symbol of the fight against the Cyclops, the hammer was lost. The dwarves call this item Khundahamar, meaning ‘liberator,’ but humans only know it as the ‘Thunder Hammer.'”

The first Warlord sword that entered the game was obtained at the beginning of Tibia. One of the Gods decided to sell the powerful weapon to the highest bidder. One person offered the outrageous price of 300 piles of diamonds (since gems could be bought and sold for the same price, it was a common monetary unit since only gold coins existed).

The player only enjoyed the sword for a while, before it was removed along with his depot by the angry Durin, who had been informed how so many diamonds had entered the game and were in the player’s depot.

There is currently a warlord sword in the game but no details about it are known….

Note: long ago another warlord sword was discovered on another server. This sword was lying on the floor of the mino inferno and was picked up by a player. When word spread about this weapon, Guido went online to retrieve it.

It is one of the oldest items in the game and was implemented when Thais barely existed on the map.

The Winged Helmet could be found, spawned in the lighthouse west of Thais. It was fairly easy to obtain, but appeared once per map update. Contrary to popular myth, this helmet has never granted speed, maximum protection beyond its salutary defensive powers, or anything else.

Currently it is a valuable item that can be obtained through Fansite contests in Tibia, as CipSoft uses it as one of its official prizes or on the other hand, buying it from players.

Yellow Rose is a rare and beautiful decorative item. In Antica there is a myth that both Venore and Ab’dendriel had daily reappearances of Yellow Rose. Venore’s was supposed to be unattainable, but a mistake would make it possible for the players to achieve it. The table where it would be generated was located north of the city in this room:

In Ab’dendriel, the rose would appear on floor +2. One would need to levitate or packets to reach it.

As mentioned above, the Yellow Rose is currently a prize offered by CipSoft to fansite contests and has become one of the rarest items most acclaimed by players.

It is amazing how these events unfolded over the years and how some items are still unexplained. The mystery hidden in each one becomes stories and myths to tell. Here are some decorations with rare items:

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