The God’s Twilight Doll

A little of history with Milie: Chapter X

In a new episode of a bit of history with Milie, we have, a fansite that offers FanLore, tools and more great content. The item that represents them in the game is the incredible The God’s Twilight Doll.

Brighid Grand Explorateur (Administrator) will tell us some details about her website, item fansite and more.

History of God’s Twilight Doll

The admins of some fansites usually when they are creating their fansite, they think from the beginning about having a mascot/pet character on their website and that maybe it can become their fansite articles in the future. Did this happen with The Gods’ Twilight Doll?

The TibiaLight theme was being adjusted during the first months of the website’s creation, the creation of the main characters that inspired the item was only possible with the creation of our fan lore “The Gods’ War”, in which Valiant begins to serve Fardos, and Ragna gives in to Variphor’s temptation to achieve his personal goals. The item design began around the same time the story was being written, and the process took approximately 18 months; the base story was completed a few months after the item was released in the game. An interesting fact about both characters is that their stories do not end with the mentioned Fan Lore, but will continue through new Fan Lores that will be published soon.

When CipSoft gave you the opportunity to implement an item in the game, did you think of a contest like most do or did you already knew what you wanted and chose to go with a PixelArt artist from the Tibia community?

It never crossed my mind to organize a contest for this, or ask someone else to draw it. The making of The Gods’ Twilight Doll was my chance to display my pixel art and animations, which is why I put so much time and effort into creating it, and the result was a look unique to my style. The creation process was long and difficult, as each advance in the animation was a bit complicated for the relatively little experience I have in the area, but in the end I was extremely satisfied with the result.

Milny: Could you tell us about the beginning of the item selection process and the adjustments to the final details to implement the item?

The selection process began when I finished the design for The Gods’ Twilight Doll and the sowrd of light that I named The Lightbringer (images below). It was a joint decision by the fansite team to place the doll as our ingame representative. In its implementation, the item did not require major final adjustments by cipsoft’s design team, just a slight adjustment that had gone unnoticed in one of the transitions between Valiant and Ragna’s version.

Milny: Did you think about other alternatives that could represent TibiaLight in Tibia?

Yes, I designed 2 items, one was The Gods’ Twilight Doll, and the other was what I nicknamed The Lightbringer. This second one is a sword/cannon mix, which by means of its rotating blades would produce energy to light its luminous core, the animation was also complex and time consuming. This second designed item was not completely discarded after the choice for the doll, it was placed in the TibiaLight menu as one of the interdimensional relics, which inspire each of the stories that will be created in our Fan Lore section.

As we mentioned at the beginning, some fansites from the beginning have main characters or mascots in their fansite, but they also try that their fansite items always keep a relationship with the website. Does this relationship exist between the website and The Gods’ Twilight Doll?

Yes, she definitely exists, the site follows the theme inspired by The Gods’ Twilight Doll as well as its Fan Lore. Both characters, Valiant and Ragna, will be involved in different stories created by me involving the Tibian universe from a different perspective, the site will occasionally keep changing slightly its thematic art in function of the stories that will be developed.

And that concludes this incredible interview. We would like to thank Brighid Grand Explorateur for telling us all the details of her fansite item. Remember to visit to read the best quality content!

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