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A little bit of history with Milie: Chapter IX

In a new episode of a little bit of history with Milie, we have, a fansite that offers a platform to clarify your doubts or demonstrate your knowledge and at the same time earning points to win their beautiful fansite item. The item that represents them in the game is the beautiful Omniscient Owl.

Ellotris Guardian (Administrator) will tell us some details about the website, fansite item and more.

History of the Omniscient Owl

Milny: When CipSoft allowed you to create a fansite item, did you think about a contest like most people do, or did you already know what you wanted and chose a PixelArt artist from the Tibia community?

A fansite is allowed to suggest a fansite object after having spent at least three months in the fansite program. When the time came, we had no idea which item would represent TibiaQA the best. We didn’t have a mascot or anything else that would be a good representation of the site, so we decided to go with a contest and allow participants to suggest anything that fit the theme of our fansite – questions, answers and knowledge. Based on past experience, we knew that these types of contests attract a lot of talented players and that we would end up receiving incredible submissions.

Milny: Can you tell us more about how the contest went?

The competition began in early 2019. TibiaQA has been a supported fansite for almost half a year and has already built a small community of active players. We have outlined all requirements for the fansite article – some of them imposed by CipSoft, such as image size, animation details, or the need to fit into Tibia’s medieval fantasy settings. The requirement that came from the TibiaQA team was that the item must refer to TibiaQA in some way.

"El ítem del fansite debe referirse de alguna manera a TibiaQA pero depende del concursante decidir la sugerencia final y el diseño; ¿Será un signo de interrogación dorado? ¿Un emblema de la mejor respuesta? ¿Un pergamino de una pregunta perfecta? Todo depende del concursante y las ideas propias y creativas son bienvenidas".

All the rules of the contest, as well as the submitted entries, are still available on our website and can be consulted here: Fansite Item Contest TibiaQA.

Milny: How was the selection of the fansite item?

As we expected, we received a large number of incredible proposals. All kinds of mascots, amulets, books, medals and other items were presented. In total, more than 50 proposals were made. The winners were selected by the TibiaQA team shortly after the contest ended. Although so many items were submitted for the contest, we feel that one entry stands out from the others and represents TibiaQA perfectly – the Omniscient Owl. The owl, as a symbol of wisdom, is a great mascot and representation of our fansite. The designs were also amazing and very detailed – including the animations.

First Place

Omniscient Owl by Makadamia.

Second place

Bonelord Tome by Lupus Aurelius.

Third Place

Wise Cat by Didi.

Illustrations by Makadamia.

Milny: Have you made any modifications to the fansite article before or after implementation?

As you can compare with the original designs, not much has changed. The biggest change was that the object could only have one animation when used, whereas the original design contained several animations, depending on what the Owl said.

Other than that, only a couple of minor adjustments were made before implementing the object, and to my knowledge, nothing has changed with the object after its introduction. Original animations:

Current animation:

Milny: How can I receive the Omniscient Owl?

The Omniscient Owl is often offered as a prize in fansite contests organized by TibiaQA. If you don’t like fansite contests, it can also be received through our contribution system –

Users who contribute valuable questions and answers to TibiaQA receive reputation points. When they reach 5000 points, they receive the Omniscient Owl from us as a gift for their long-term commitment to the site. Finally, the Omniscient Owl and other fansite items are available through the annual lottery conducted by CipSoft and fansite administrators during Fansite Appreciation Day, which is held on the fansite program’s anniversary day at the end of March.

And with this we end this lovely interview with the TibiaQA administrator, we also want to thank Ellotris Guardian for accepting the interview and telling us all the details about the Omniscient Owl, we also want to thank Makadamia for sharing her illustrations with us. Don’t forget to visit

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