Midnight Panther Doll (Xena)

A bit of history with Milie: Chapter II

In a new episode of a bit of history with Milie, we have TibiaMagazine.com.ve, they share their fascinating magazine with us every month with great articles, guides and more. The item that represents them in Tibia is the beautiful Xena (Midnight Panther Doll). If you are interested in knowing more about this fansite item, do not miss this great interview with the admin of this Fansite.

Kikix ( TibiaMagazine & ElPodcastibiano admin ) Is going to tell us about the choice and the whole process that went into bringing the beautiful Xena into the game. Enjoy this interview and have a spooky Halloween!

Story of the Midnight Panther Doll (Xena)

Some fansites, at the moment of being created, think since the beginning of having a mascot/main character on their website, that they could perhaps become their fansite items in the future. Did this happen with Xena?

When we start TibiaMagazine, we didn’t have this concept in mind (of having a pet/mascot on the fansite), however, at the time of becoming a supported fansite and the possibility of having a fansite item, my partner Liony suggested that we could use Tibia’s Midnight Panther theme to focus our item.

When CipSoft gave you the opportunity to implement an item in the game, did you think of a contest like most fansites do or did you already knew what you wanted and decided to go with some PixelArt artist from the Tibia community?

It was chosen through a contest, when it started, the participants were asked to focus on the Midnight Panther as a theme, and we had many good proposals, shields, paws, and various dolls. It is worth mentioning that this item was created by Makadamia, who we all already know in the Tibia community.

Could you explain to us how was the beginning of the process of choosing the item and the adjustments of the final details to implement the item?

Choosing the item was not very difficult, we made our votes and simply the item with the highest score won, we are lucky that it is such a beautiful and desired item in the game. Regarding its implementation, the final details for technical issues always belong to the Cipsoft team, so there is always the possibility of some final modification, , perhaps in terms of effects or movements, but in general our item complied with all regulations and was not difficult to implement in the game, , and over the years it has undergone some cosmetic alterations to make it more attractive.

Without a doubt Makadamia’s work is clearly amazing and this is reflected in Xena, but did you think of other alternatives that could represent TibiaMagazine in Tibia?

Not really, because again when it came time to choose an item we decided to focus on the Midnight Panther theme and as a graphic identity that is what has ruled our fansite since that moment.

As we mentioned at the beginning, some fansites since the start have main characters or mascots on their fansite, but they also try to ensure that their fansite items always maintain a relationship with the website. Is there this relationship that you mention between the website and Xena?

TibiaMagazine as a website, has undergone several modifications over the years, 3 important ones. At the beginning to incorporate all this environment around Xena, and later with time, about functionality, speed and revamps when we already believe that the site has completed a cycle. This has happened on a couple of occasions that we changed the look 100% to refresh the image, logos, colors, etc. Always keeping Xena as the main character, but playing with the range of colors

Without a doubt, the beautiful midnight panther doll has been and continues to be one of the most desired fansite items, despite not being a new item, the desire of the Tibians to obtain one remains the same as the first moment.

You can read more about the Midnight Panther Doll (Xena) at TibiaMagazine.com.ve. Click here to learn more.

Remember to visit TibiaMagazine.com.ve to find out about news, read guides, articles and more in magazine form and also a special thanks to Kikix for helping with this article.

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