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A little bit of history with Milie: Chapter VIII

In a new episode of a little history with Milie, we have that offers excellent content such as Podcasts and entertainment through contests. The item that represents them in Tibia is the beautiful Journal Shield, if you are interested in knowing more about this item, do not miss this interview with the admin of

Bomdrax (Administrator) will share with us some details about his website, fansite item and more

Journal Shield’s history

Milny: Some fansites, when they are being created, from the beginning they think about having a mascot/main character on their website and that maybe this can become their fansite items in the future. Did this happen with Journal Shield?

The fansite item is something that represents the site’s identity, and that would be no different with BomdiaTibia. BDT was created in 2016 as a news and opinion site, producing author’s texts on Tibia’s routine topics. Over time we create new projects, like BDTCast, our podcast. In other words, the structure of BDT is about information and the relation of this information to the reader (in the case of Tibia, the player). So the fansite item would need to have this relation to the structure of the site.

Milny: When CipSoft gives you the opportunity to implement an item in the game, did you think of a contest like most do or did you already know what you wanted and chose to go with a PixelArt artist from the Tibia community?

– We decided to create a contest for our item. Of course, we wanted something related to the site and its structure, but we left the creativity necessary to surprise us in the hands of the participants.

Milny: Could you tell us about the beginning of the item selection process and the adjustments to the final details to implement the item?

– The contest was held in June 2017, one year after BDT became Supported and ended in July 2017, the month we became Promoted. Like I said before, we let the participants create the item, but we wanted something that made some reference to our site and what we do (which was even a contest rule). In addition to the normal characteristics (name of the object, size 32 x 32 pixels, maximum 64 frames in animations) we also asked the participant to choose the description of the object, the weight and possible animations and/or speech when the player “used ” the object. Here are some proposals, in addition to the winner:

Milny: Did you think of other alternatives that could represent BomDiaTibia in Tibia?

We are very happy with all the works submitted to the contest. They all took into the idea that the object should represent the soul of the BDT. The Journal Shield was the winner, and we couldn’t think of any other option. It fits perfectly to the site.

Milny: As we mentioned at the beginning, some fansites from the beginning have main characters or mascots on their fansite, but they also try to make sure that their fansite items always have a relationship with the website. Does this relationship exist between the website and the Journal Shield?

There is a lot of relationship between the Journal Shield and Bomdiatibia. In addition to its sprite, which resembles a newspaper (as its name suggests), the shield references the Journal Shield story. It was created by the elves using a material that fell from a star. The elves, with the help of a cyclops blacksmith, created the Journal Shield to use in the war against the orcs. The elves stormed the orc stronghold, and after a bloody battle, one elf remained, and the shield protected him from the orc king’s attacks. The shield received the name of Journal Shield, since it carried the news about the bloody battle between orcs and elves.

And with this we end this lovely interview with the administrator of BomDiaTibia, we would also like to thank Bomdrax for accepting this interview and telling us all the details about the Journal Shield. Don’t forget to visit

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