A little bit of history with Milie: Chapter VI

In a new episode of a little bit of history with Milie, we have TibiaHome.com, this fansite offers guides, tips, as well as having amazing decoration items to inspire the Tibian community in decorations. The item that represents them in Tibia is the fearsome Evora. If you are interested in knowing details and more about this item, don’t miss this interview with the TibiaHome administrators.

Paollah and Suzy Kill (Admins) will tell us some details about their website, fansite item and more.

Evora’s Story

The admins of some fansites usually when they are creating their fansite, they think from the beginning about having a mascot/pet character on their website and that maybe it can become their fansite articles in the future. Did this happen with TibiaHome and Evora?

Yes, since we created this project we already knew that we would use the Halloween theme, and the item would probably be a pumpkin. In addition to the theme, there is an object in the game called Pumpkinhead, which was one of the first interactive decoration objects, where the player could make it himself, use it to light up and decorate his house. We liked the idea of ​​creating our own version.

Besides, Halloween is a date that includes many things that are in the game, such as monsters; creatures; witches; potions; skeletons; castle; costumes; candies; fun; party… Which has everything to do with Tibia and Tibia Home!

When CipSoft gave you the opportunity to implement an item in the game, did you think of a contest like most do or did you already knew what you wanted and chose to go with a PixelArt artist from the Tibia community?

We have known from the beginning that we would like to have a pumpkin as an item on the fan site. We thought about hiring an artist, but then we changed our minds and decided it would be better to get the community involved. We made a list of characteristics that we would like the item to have, and we let the participants surprise us.

Tell us a bit more about the item selection process and final detail adjustments to implement the item into the game.

The process of choosing the finalists and winners was quite simple. We were excited to find out what the official fansite item would be, so when we received a proposal we shared our opinions and chose our favorites. We are a fansite about decoration, so the plan was a fansite item that could be used to decorate! We imagined it big, animated, with effects, that it would fit anywhere and that it would be a mixture of cute and terrifying. As soon as we saw Evora, initially called the Possessed Pumpkin, our eyes lit up (just like hers)! It was very similar to what we had in mind and suggested in the contest description. The hardest part was choosing second and third place.

Before the item was added to Tibia, it was only necessary to darken the embroidery and light direction on the hat to make it conform to the game’s standard, but we also asked the creator to reverse the side of Evora’s hat and give it will add two small horns to his evil version.

Below are the 3 finalists of the TibiaHome contest to choose their fansite item:

First Place
Daniel Sake
(Before adjustments)

(After adjustments)

Second Place
Titan of Tsunami

Third Place
Dalis Umbra

Did you think of other alternatives that could represent TibiaHome in Tibia?

From the beginning we already wanted a pumpkin, but in case something surprised us too much we could discuss it.

As we mentioned at the beginning, some fansites since the start have main characters or mascots on their fansite, but they also try to ensure that their fansite items always maintain a relationship with the website. Does this relationship exist between the website and Evora?

Yes, it is planned to use the image of Evora in our logo and banner, we also prefer to use its colors in the fonts of the website and other colors that may refer to Halloween.

Here are some ideas to use Evora in your decorations:

And with this we finish the interview, Evora is a unique item for Halloween decorations, so don’t forget to visit TibiaHome.com to get inspiration for your decorations using all their guides and tips, also a special thanks to Suzy Kill and Paollah for helping in this interview.

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