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A little of history with Milie: Chapter XIII

In a new episode of A Little History with Milie, we have TibiaDuality.com, a fan site that encloses the world of charlover and the world of wars in a single world.

Meregirl (Admin) will tell us some details about her fansite and fansite item.

Duality Doll’s history.

A large part of the fansites are inspired by the administrators’ hobbies in Tibia or their life outside of Tibia and this is reflected in the fansite items, might be books, dolls, etc. What inspired you to have a cat and a dog as a fansite item to represent TibiaDuality in Tibia?

Since I decided to create Tibia Duality I thought about a dog and cat as a mascot to represent the two main themes I wanted to address in it, a white dog for PvP and a black cat for RPG. This is the reason why since the beginning we wanted to continue with the representation of both characters and when doing the fansite item contest we said what we were looking for, a dog doll that will transform into a cat when used.

Banner by Makadamia.

Having the idea and knowing what you want is the first step to carry out the project of having a fansite item, but this does not end here, since fansite item creation contests for fansites are very popular in the community, while that other fansites recur to PixelArt artists so they can establish a better communication of what the administrator really wants. Both options are valid, the selection process is the most difficult because it is an opportunity that will only be present once and it is the item that will represent the fansite forever. Tell us a little more about the process of creating the Duality Doll was like.

From the beginning we knew that by saying what we wanted we would somewhat limit the creative process of the participants, but we preferred to be faithful to the idea of ​​representing both pets in the same item, since it has been our identity since the beginning of the project. Finally, after evaluating the contest entries, we decided that the work that represented what we were looking for was Makadamia’s, and thus we were able to give a podium to the participants.

Logo made by Amy Meow.

Contest Winners:

First Place

Duality Doll – Makadamia

Second Place

Adventurer Companion – Titan of Tsunami.

Third Place

Duality Pet – Lupus Aurelius.

When the time comes to put your ideas in order to know what you want the item to be, it is usually very exciting and this does not allow you to think clearly, and making decisions at that moment can become a bit risky and as time passes you start thinking about all the options you could have made, but in the euphoria of the moment you didn’t think about it, so did you have other options/ideas and/or modifications for the Duality Doll or other sprites in mind?

The I liked very much the doll presented by Makadamia, it was a very beautiful work and exceeded all my expectations personally. The cat and the dog looked very similar to the illustrations of our pets and we all agreed that this should be the doll that represented our fansite. Makadamia’s work was already very good, but when talking to her we asked her if it was possible to make some small modifications to make the doll even more representative of the fansite themes, and we also told her if there was anything else that she would like change or modify along the way, she felt free to do so, since she understood this issue better than us.

Previous versions:

What aspects did PixelArt artists have to take into the contest to have a chance to win?

Our suggestions were: – That the characteristic collars be added to both pets with their respective medals. – That in Stage 1, (when the dog stands up on 2 legs) the poodle looked angry and a Red Skull was added. – Add glitter around the cat to make it more cute. Additionally, she changed the color of the transitions to purple a little more similar to the ones we used on the page, which made her work even more beautiful. The truth is that, like all the decisions I make on the fansite, I always have the staff by my side, I always consult them about what they think of any situation that arises. With the Duality doll it was no different, I hinted at what I would like to see added to the doll and they gave some ideas on what they thought was best, we talked a lot about it so we wouldn’t have any regrets in the future and fortunately all the suggestions we gave Makadamia could be added to the Duality doll.

And with this we end this great interview, remember to take a look at the TibiaDuality.com guides, where you can learn the best of the RPG and PvP world.

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