Family Burden

This FanFic was written by Varoos Moon.

– He’s awake, Captain Khas! – said Walter.

– Finally… bring him here! – Headmaster of TBI command to guard with passion.

After a while, Walter led the young man into the captain’s office. The man looked depressed and exhausted. The captain calmly looked at the stranger with curiosity – Tell everything again, please.

The man took a deep breath I first met Ana on Harbour Street when she got off Captain Bluebear’s galley. She was red-hair woman who seemed feisty and confident. Few weeks later we bumped into each other at Frod’s tavern. She was chatty and charming. I had never before met a person who boasted so much about her skills, which were remarkably floristry and carving. After a few dwarf’s beers, she confessed to me that she came to Thais because of the house she inherited from her aunt. The house was located on Upper Swamp Street at number 4.

Are you sure? you’re talking about the correct number? The cursed pianist – Ekatrix lived there, she wanted to burn down the Thais and disappeared just before being captured by guards. Rumor said it that she was also a witch – Ana nodded yes, I was terrified even more, after a while when she showed me the family signet ring received along with the inheritance document. At the end of our incidental meeting Ana shyly confessed that sometimes the ring whispers to her at nights. I was shocked, I decided to watch her.


Mostly Ana spent her days in the library and the city’s archives, and often went to the northern cemetery. She brought home more and more books and scrolls. One day, there was a news in the city that one of the forbidden books, The Witches’ Grimoire, was missing. My gut told me that Ana might have something to do with it. I decided to visit her. On the way home I started to hear music, being closer and closer to her house I already knew it was a piano. I sped up my steps. I tried to enter but the front door was barricaded, so I tried to enter from the garden side. What I saw afterwards still makes me scared to this day. It seemed to me that Ana was performing a witchcraft ritual, in an instant the walls of the house lit up and a fire demon appeared in a circle of candles! I asked her – Ana what are you doing? But woman looked at me with piercing eyesight and demonic giggle – Ana? There is no Ana here anymore, I am Ekatrix and I came back for revenge! – I froze, and the next thing I remember was a huge explosion. – Oh, for Banor! – Captain shouted – For all this years, the witch hid in the signet and took over the poor girl’s body! We need to find her, unleash Ana and deal with the witch once and for all!

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