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A little of history with Milie: Chapter XII

In the new episode of A Little of History with Milie, we have, a fan site where you can find articles, tutorials, groups on social networks and more.

Alun Uniks (Admin) will tell us some details about his website and fansite item.

History of the Adamant Shield

Lately some fansites admins when they are creating their fansite they think about having a main character on their website and that in the future they can become their fansite item. Did this happen with TibiaLife and the Adamant Shield?

To be honest we had other ideas in mind. If I remember correctly, we asked the artists to make a diary for us, since, in the beginning, TibiaLife was something like a blog where the founders explained their life in the game and so on. But when Makadamia shared with us the masterpiece that is the Adamant Shield, we were amazed and decided to go for the Adamant Shield.

When CipSoft gave the TibiaLife team the opportunity to implement an item in the game, did you think about a contest like most do or did you already know what you wanted and chose a PixelArt artist from the Tibia community?

I wasn’t one of the administrators at the time, but I think we always wanted to do a contest.

Link to the fansite contest for TibiaLife.

Tell us a little more about the item selection process and the last detail adjustments to implement it in the game.

As I said, I was not the administrator at the time, so I don’t know the details of the final adjustments, but I can speak to the selection process. There were a few good options, but as usual, the two best were from Makadamia. One was the Adamant Shield, obviously. The other one was more like what we had asked: a book. I don’t remember what name that was used, but it was the same article that is now the Tibiapedia fansite item. She kind of “recycled” it, changing its colors from purple to red.

The following sprites were made by Makadamia and obtained from her subpage at (More here).

Adamant Shield

Fardos Diary


Did you think about other alternatives that could represent TibiaLife in Tibia?

In the voting process, I actually voted first for Fardos Diary and second for Adamant Shield. Because I thought it was more precise, since we had asked for a diary.

Makadamia – Adamant Shield
Tywolf – Tibian Diary
Tost Artysia – Transformo Spiralo
Didi Hadid – Tome of Life
Dranda Hadyn – Book Secret of Adventurer’s Life

Trululu Gumdrops – Compendium

As we mentioned at the beginning, some fansites have main characters or mascots on their fansite from the beginning, but they also try to make sure that their fansite articles always maintain a relationship with the website. Is there this relationship between the website and Adamant Shield?

Yes, we have made sure of that. In fact, we wrote a fan fiction about the Adamant Shield to expand on its history. It is available in Portuguese here:

The Birth of the Adamant Shield – Chapter 1

And with this we end this great interview, remember to take a look at the latest articles from

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