The Bloody Countess

The countess at her castle contemplates with her cold eyes, so that her followers get into action. It’s necessary to touch some precious stones of her necklace, she immediately responds with mechanic sounds and slowly raises her white arms to close in a perfect embrace on what is in front of her, in this case a girl, the automaton hugs her and no one could untie the living body from the body of iron, both equal in beauty.

Between vanity and beauty, the eternal dream of the youth annihilates with the life of any who denies to be consumed by the years.

Erzsebet, also known as The Bloody Countess, born in the old Thais Kingdom, within one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Thais.

Erzsebet began to find herself alone in her home, since the Count had to go to the battlefield. At that moment, the Countess became interested in the world of esotericism and surrounded herself with a court of witches and sorceresses.

Thereby, Erzsebet puts into practice some of her husband favorites torture techniques, such as inserting small needles under the nails of her maids, handing hot keys or coins to burn their hands or throwing them into the snow and pouring cold water on them, to watch them freeze to death.

The Countess Erzsebet is left widowed with four children, one of them is the actual King of Thais, Tibianus. Her husband dies of an illness during one of his battles. This moment marked the beginning of the atrocities she committed, when her cruelty met her new interest in sadism.

By this manner Erzsebet, kicks Ursula from the castle, her mother-in law. After this, she locked all the maids in the basements to be punished, only the ones serving the family of her ex husband.

Over the years, her beauty was fading. Erzsebet worried for her future, asked for some advice from one of her nurses, in which she explained everything about the power of the blood, and she assured her that it gives very good results.

Therefore, she suggested taking blood baths, since this was the best way to keep her beauty for an indefinite time.

What led her to do this? One day, some girl was brushing the Countess’ hair and she tugged on her hair. In a fit of rage, the noblewoman slapped the girl, splashing the maiden’s blood on her hand.

She was convinced that the section where the blood fell appeared to look younger and healthier, Erzsebet ordered to kill the young girl and asked to take a blood bath with the maiden’s blood.

Since that moment, these types of practices were her obsession, which lasted for 11 years. It is said that there were more than 600 victims that helped her look younger.

To fulfill her fantasies, the Countess had at her disposal a group of witches that abducted her victims.

For a long time, these witches searched the region for young women to satisfy the demands of Erzsebet, whom little by little was getting worse.

Many bodies were hidden in a senseless way in grain silos, nearby fields, gardens and rivers near the castle. These types of occurrences began to raise suspicions in the kingdom, but the escape of one of her victims before she was killed let the religious authorities know about what was happening.

A trial started after investigating and noticing the reality, but Erzsebet denied to be guilty or innocent, she availed herself of her noble rights. Her followers were decapitated.

The Countess Erzsebet was sentenced to life imprisonment in solitary confinement by the King Habsburgo, she was walled up in the castle where there was only a slight gap, where she could get food and water. She died 4 years later.

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