Rise of Devovorga

The evil Devovorga is about to emerge from the depths of her baleful kingdom! Gather your friends, make peace with your enemies and fight next to Aylie, because this is a fight that you can’t win by yourself. Only by working together you’ll overcome the nightmarish incarnations of that bloodthirsty offspring of pure devil!

After the server save of September 1st, mystical portals will appear all over Tibia! Those are strong enough to be able to survive the devastating horror that awaits on the other side of those portals, you must coordinate your attacks. Teamwork is the key to success!
Hurry up! and defeat all the hideous incarnations to face the mighty Devovorga in a final battle!




♡ You need to be a premium account and be at least level 20 (the free accounts will only be able to kill the mini bosses that are located in the free zone).

♡ Access to Vengoth (to face Devovorga).

♡ Enough supplies.


♡ Able to face the mini bosses: Anmothra, Irahsae, Teneshpar, Phrodomo, Chikhaton during the event. If you help to kill them you’ll get the achievements: “Slayer of <boss name>”, depending the level of your character.

♡ Achievement “Teamplayer” just by entering one bossroom during the event.

♡ Achievement “I did my part” by entering the rewards room during the event, and only if it’s the first time participating in a World Quest.

♡ Able to face Devovorga. When entering the room you’ll get the achievement “Daring Trespasser”.

♡ Achievement “Cocoon of Doom”, by having big damage defeating the Blooms of Doom (stage 3).

♡ Achievement “Devovorga’s Nemesis”, If you are in the top 5 with the highest damage by killing Devovorga.

♡ General rewards: If you defeat Devovorga before the server save of September 7th, your server will be rewarded with a bonus of increased mana and health regeneration by 50% till the end of the month.

♡ Individual Rewards, depending the level :

Level 20+: Statue of Devovorga, Stone of insight and Demon Backpack (with 2 tentacle pieces, berserk potion, mastermind potion, bullseye potion and red gem).

Level 40+: Statue of Devovorga, Stone of insight and Demon Backpack (with 4 tentacle pieces, 6 small emeralds, soul orb and una solitude charm).

Level 70+: Statue of Devovorga, Stone of insight and Demon Backpack (with 5 tentacle pieces, 3 blue giant shimmering pearls and 5 gold ingots).

General notes:

This event starts on September 1st and ends on September 7th.

With only one player, you can succeed in the first stage.

After the server save, we will travel from the Former Trade Quarter located in Yalahar to go to Vengoth, looking for an energy portal.

By entering the room you’ll get the Achievement “Daring Trespasser”.

You’ll find the NPC A Beautiful Girl, say : HI – TRAPPED

In this stage you’ll be able to attack Devovorga but killing her will be impossible because she’s healing herself constantly and super fast.

After 30 minutes you’ll see the next message: “Something is rumbling deep underground all over the world”. With this message the stage 2 starts.

Stage 2: Here, Devovorga is immune to any attack, but you’ll be able to face the 5 mini bosses depending on your character’s level. Get a team and go to these teleports.

In this event, team work is fundamental, the mini bosses must be killed at the same time.

Note: Each server must finish this stage before the server save of September 6th. On the contrary, you won’t be able to advance to Stage 3.

These are :

♡ On Level 20 – 40, you will face Anmothra. The next message will appear: “The Soul of Devovorga has risen again”.

Walk to the South west of Plains of Havoc (North west of Dark Cathedral and South of Outlaw Camp) and you’ll find the teleport:


♡ Health: 7500

♡ Experience: 15000

♡ Resistant to: Holy (90%)

Energy (85%)

Earth (70%)

♡ Neutral to: Physical (100%)

Ice (100%)

♡ Weak to: Death (110%)

♡ Immune to: Fire (0%)

♡ Bosstiary: Nemesis.

By killing Anmothra for the first time, you’ll get the achievement “Slayer of Anmothra”.

♡ On Level 40 – 60, you’ll face Irahsae. You’ll see the next message: “The Fury of Devovorga has risen again”. Go to the west of Drefria, and you’ll find this teleport:


♡Health: 45000

♡ Experience: 15000

♡ Neutral to: Physical (100%)

Earth (100%)

Holy (100%)

Energy (100%)

Ice (100%)

♡ Weak to: Death (115%)

♡ Immune to: Fire (0%)

♡ Bosstiary: Nemesis.

By killing Irahsae for the first time, you’ll get the achievement “Slayer of Irahsae”.

♡ On Level 40 – 80, you’ll face Teneshpar. You’ll see the next message: “The Dark Knowledge of Devovorga has risen again”. Walk to the west of the island of Folda from Carlin, you’ll see the teleport:


♡ Health: 20000

♡ Experience: 18000

♡ Weak to: Fire (110%)

♡ Neutral to: Earth (100%)

Holy (100%)

Ice (100%)

♡ Immune to: Physical (0%)

Death (0%)

♡ Bosstiary: Nemesis.

By killing Teneshpar for the first time, you’ll get the achievement “Slayer of Teneshpar”.

♡ On Level 70+, you’ll face Phrodomo. You’ll see the next message: “The Hatred of Devovorga has risen again.”

Walk to South west from Ghostlands on Carlin, and you’ll see the teleport :


♡ Health: 90000

♡ Experience: 30000

♡ Strong to: Physical (60%)

Ice (30%)

Death (40%)

♡ Neutral to: Fire (100%)

Holy (100%)

♡ Immune to: Energy (0%)

Earth (0%)

♡ Bosstiary: Nemesis.

By killing Phrodomo for the first time, you’ll get the achievement “Slayer of Phrodomo”.

♡ On Level 70+, you are also able to face Chikhaton. The next message will appear: “The Power of Devovorga has risen again”. Walk to North east on Edron and you’ll find this teleport:


♡ Health: 80000

♡ Experience: 30000

♡ Resistant to : Fire (70%)

♡ Neutral to: Physical (100%)

Holy (100%)

Earth (100%)

Energy (100%)

Death (100%)

Ice (100%)

♡ Bosstiary: Nemesis.

By killing Chikhaton for the first time, you’ll get the achievement “Slayer of Chickaton”.

After the 5 mini bosses were killed at the same time, the next message will appear on your server log: “The incarnations of Devovorga have been thrown back into their abyss! The threat ain’t over yet. Watch out!.

The next day, Stage 3 will start.

Stage 3: Begins in somewhere between 8 or 14 hours after the server save of September 6th. Make sure to work as a team on this stage!!

Go to Devovorga’s den in Vengoth. Watch your health because during this battle you’ll receive a lot of damage.

First we have to kill the Blooms of Dooms (iimmunes to energy,ice and earth). By contributing in killing the blooms you’ll get Achievement “Cocoon of Doom”.

After that, a couple of Spawn of Devovorga will appear, you have to kill these very quickly.

After defeading these, all the mini bosses will appear again on their portals (POH, Drefia, Folda, Edron, Ghostlands). We’ll go to their portals and we must kill them again, at the same time.

After this, we’ll go to the portals and we are going to appear again on the Devovorga’s den.

Again we will have to kill the Blooms of Doom.

After killing these, a creature called Vulnerable Cocoon (200.000 hp) will appear. We recommend attacking by distance, because the damages by this creature are strong!! It doesn’t recommend that knights attack close.

When defeated, you’ll see the mortal Version of Devovorga, and now you’ll be able to face her.

Devovorga (Mortal Version)

♡ Health: 500.000

♡ Experience: 100.000

♡ Neutral to: Physical (100%)

Earth (100%)

Fire (100%)

Death (100%)

Energy (100%)

Holy (100%)

Ice (100%)

If you are among the 5 players that deal more damage to Devovorga, you’ll get the achievement“Devovorga’s Nemesis”.

While she’s defeated, the next messages will appear : “Thanks to the mighty and fearless Tibians who drove Devovorga back in her abyss, your regeneration has been improved”; “You made it – Devovorga, the incredibly powerful weapon sealed deep below Vengoth, was destroyed”; “Upon her death, energy was released all over the world – the next month, it will boost your health and mana regeneration. Congratulations, Tibians”.


To obtain these, you’ll have to go to the portals of the mini bosses you killed on stage 2. There, you’ll be teleported to Vengoth, to Devovorga’s den, and you’ll find the chests. Enjoy your rewards!!

Extra data:

Stone of Insight: You can exchange this stone and get experience, go to any of the next NPCs during the event and say: HI – STONE OF INSIGHT – YES. After saying that, you’ll get 2 levels.

Milos (Ivory Towers – Edron): Located on the tower North west, go to the last floor, and you’ll find him.

Trimegis (Castle – Thais): Go to the room where King Tibianus is located, walk south, the go up 2 floors.

MINI WORLD CHANGE “DEVOVORGA’S ESSENCE”: If you are an achievement collector or you like to get points for the Bosstiary, you can participate on this Mini world change. Here, you’ll be able to defeat the mini bosses you haven’t been able to kill because of your level during the event Rise of Devovorga.

By defeating each of them, you’ll get the achievements of the mini bosses you haven’t kill; besides you’ll be able to get the 5 points of these mini bosses Anmothra, Irahsae, Teneshpar, Phrodomo y Chikhaton for your Bosstiary ( since these are on the category Nemesis).

You can check on the Mini World changes board located on the Adventurers Guild, to see if it’s active.

If this is active you’ll read the next message: “In case you have some spare tentacle pieces, you can now use Devovorga’s very essence to enter a boss lair!”.


To kill Anmothra,you will need 2 tentacle pieces.

To kill Irahsae, you will need 5 tentacle pieces.

To kill Teneshpar once, you will need 8 tentacle pieces.

To kill Chikhaton once, you’ll need 12 tentacle pieces.

To kill Phrodomo,you will need 16 tentacle pieces.

With the tentacles required, and the Mini World change active, you’ll have to go to the portal located in Vengoth (Devovorga’s den) and then face the mini bosses, all the times you want.

For this,say this to the NPC Dread Guardian:HI – ESSENCE – YES – NAME OF THE BOSS YOU WANT TO KILL

Walk south and get in the portal (you must have to kill them solo, because only 1 player can get in the portal). Enjoy your achievements and your Bosstiary points!!

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