The Mainland Reporter

TibiaTales and TibiaTimes invite you to participate in their new contest called: The Mainland Reporter.

The task is to take an NPC, creature, quest or boss from the ones in the game and write a story as if you were a reporter narrating the news, taking into consideration the lore of what you have chosen for your story..

Rules for creating your news:

  • The journalistic note must not have more than 2,000 characters.
  • You must include at least 3 images in the journalistic note.
  • The writing style should be “journalistic”.
  • The images can be drawings, digital drawings, screenshots. If you do it by hand, you can add printed images.
  • It must have a title.
  • Must have good spelling.

General rules:

  • A player can submit different newspaper stories, but can only win 1.
  • The staff of both fansites are not allowed to participate.
  • The contest starts at the server save on April 6th and ends on the server save on April 20th.
  • The image should be published on, in the category: Mainland reporter (sample image).
  • The journalistic note can be written in Spanish and English.
  • For your submission to be valid you need to follow the 3 contest organizers: Instagram TibiaTales, Instagram TibiaTimes, Instagram Loficoins.
  • If you do not comply with the rules for the creation of your news item or the general rules, your submission will be invalid.

Example of the journalistic note:

LAST STEP: Once you upload your image to TibiaGallery you should send your submission in this form:


Nightmare Doll

Golden Warrior Trophy

Blue Sphere

Bronze Warrior Trophy

Unicorn Figurine

Silver Warrior Trophy

Extra rewards:

Tibia Coins

Join our discord if you have questions, you can ask them on the “The Mainland Reporter” channel. Click here to join the Discord.

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