Decorators’ Stories Contest

When creating decorations, we often want to tell a story. Sometimes these are our own adventures in Tibia, trophies testifying to battles fought against evil creatures. Often, however, these are invented stories born of our fantasy and in the world of fiction they remain.

¡Together with, we are very pleased to invite you to our newest contest, which will combine the world of decoration and the world of fanfiction stories! So if you like to decorate and have lots of ideas for stories that your decoration will illustrate, then this contest is for you!


  1. Your task is to write a short FanFic story and illustrate it in the form of a decoration.
  2. You can submit your contest entries in the following period: from the announcement of the contest on September 20 to the server safe (10:00 CEST) on October 15.
  3. Add your character’s nickname and server in your submission.
  4. One participant can send any number of decorations and stories, but each must be posted in a separately.
  5. One participant can win only one prize.
  6. and team members are not allowed to participate in the contest.
  7. Please post your submissions in the TibiaFanart | TibiaDecorations Discord server, on the channel #decorators stories.
    Not a member yet? Join us!
  8. Please post any questions about the contest on the #questions channel below the contest channel.
  9. The admin (Norelli) will post a reaction below each submission to let you know whether your submission is valid ❤️o no 💔.
  10. Participation in the “Decorators’ Stories Contest 2023” implies permission for and to use the attached stories and/or decorations.


  1. FanFic story can be of any theme, but it must take place in the world of Tibia.
  2. We accept submissions only in English.
  3. FanFic story should fit into 500 words. The number of words will be checked on the popular WordCounter platform ( Minor deviations from this limit will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


  1. The decoration should depict a selected scene from your story.
  2. The decoration should be done in a traditional style. Shapes or characters arranged from items will not be considered.
  3. The decoration can be made in the house, guildhall or any area of the Tibia map.
  4. Using items from the Tibia Store is allowed.
  5. Decorations created on OTS or in graphics software will be disqualified.
  6. Edits of screenshots will be accepted in the for of expanding the area of the game window. Any kind of additional graphics decoration, framing, or editing of the content of the screenshot is not allowed.

PRO TIP: Make sure to save your screenshots in .png Such images retain much better quality!


First place

Tome of Choice

Golden Warrior Trophy

Second place
Bronze Necklaze
Silver Warrior Trophy
Third place
Bear Doll
Bronze Warrior Trophy


The judging will take into account:

★the creativity of your story,
★ the appearance of the decoration,
★ how well your decoration represents your story.

Depending on the number of submissions sent to the contest:
Depending on the number of submissions sent to the contest: 1-10 submissions: all will be published on the fansite board, and the final evaluation will consist of points given by the team, team, fansite admins, and CipSoft Members.
11+ submissions: the and crews will select the TOP 10, and then all entries will be published on the Fansite Board, and the final evaluation will consist of points given by the team, team, fansite admins, and CipSoft Members. fansite admins, and CipSoft Members.

By participating in the contest you accept its rules and regulations and the process of evaluation.

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