Blooming Potions

To celebrate our 1st anniversary and to thank the community for their support, TibiaTales together with Tibiapedia invite you once again to be part of our new contest called: Blooming Potions.

The task of the contest is to create a handmade illustration of a potion using ingredients (Items) that can be obtained at Feyrist.

To be a valid entry, it must contain the following:

  • The potion must stand out in the illustration, that is, it must be the main character.
  • It must contain at least 5 ingredients (items) that can be found in Feyrist and these must also be included in the illustration.
  • You must give a name to the potion and its function.
  • The illustration must include (in a written and aesthetic way) step by step the procedure of creating the potion.
  • The potion must contain at least 2 types of flora from Feyrist, which must also be illustrated on the entry.
  • When submitting your final entry, you must submit at least 2 photos of the creation process.
  • Next to these images, there should be a small and visible sign with the following: Name of the character, server and the following sentence: “Blooming Potions Contest – Tibia Tales & Tibiapedia”.

General rules:

  • The image should be published on, in the category: Blooming Potions. (Example image).
  • The contest starts on June 15 and ends on July 10.
  • Your participation must be made by hand.
  • Remember that plagiarism is not tolerated, so if we find two totally identical entries, we will only take into account the one that was sent first.
  • The text written in the illustrations, meaning on the process of creating the potion, must be in Spanish or English.
  • Digital entries will not be accepted.


Yellow Rose

Golden Trophy of Excellence

Blue Sphere

Silver Trophy of Excellence

Four-Leaf Clover

Bronze Trophy of Excellence

What will we take into account?

  • The aesthetics of illustration and the creation process.
  • The creativity of the name and function of the potion.
  • The creativity and aesthetics of the potion preparation process.

Let your imagination fly! Join our Discord and locate the Q&A channel called “Blooming Potions Contest”. Join our discord here.

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