Lupus Aurelius: Artist

Tibia is a world full of interesting stories and anecdotes. Lupus is a lawyer, but in the world Tibian is one of the most recognized artists, creator of several fansite items, illustrations for fansites, fanart and so much more. If you want to know the history of Lupus Aurelius, then you should read this great […]

Chrixzs: Collector

The collector communities in Tibia are one of the most popular, either because of the value of the items or because of the purchasing power they have to acquire these items, whether they are rare or from fansites, but have you ever thought, how did the interest of this person start in collecting items? Well, […]

Araluxie: Ex-Gamemaster

Yaaay!! Introduce yourself! Hi, I’m Araluxie, I was also known as GM Araluxie and/or GM Kahzregi How long ago did you start playing tibia? Araluxie: I started playing Tibia in 2004 How did you start your GM career? Araluxie: When I started playing, I saw that Tibia was a very organized game with many rules, […]

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