Meet Aylie!

Aylie's story

Aylie is the protagonist of TibiaTales. ♡

She was a fairy with wonderful gifts, with a unique and charming shine, with her pink colors she radiated charm.  She was born in ancient Feyristopia, several rose petals fell into the magic dust and with the help of a nymph her creation was carried out.

Aylie grew up, but her wings did not.

She was a unique fairy, because she couldn’t fly, her wings never grew, causing her a huge pain. She felt frustrated, since a fairy without wings was something totally illogical and therefore she decided to go in search of new things, leaving her place of origin: Feyristopia.

When Aylie abandoned Feyristopia, she also abandoned her tiny and useless wings. In her search for new things, she met a sorcerer named Zoltan and decided to learn many things from him in the Kingdom Edron.

Zoltan turned Aylie into a sorceress, at the Edron Academy of Magic  and was one of the most powerful sorceresses, but she decided to become an Elementalist for her gifts as a fairy.

Her great cape is used to hide the loss of her wings, next to that she has a huge staff, this is what gives her more power than she has. 

Personality and Virtues

Aylie has a sweet and noble personality, with a lot of kindness but is also characterized by being an adventurer, warrior, with a lot of strength, bravery and courage who possesses wisdom, beauty, femininity and charm.

"The first time I called myself 'Elementalist' was the most magical moment of my life."

Músic: DDmyzik Instrumental Music
Background: Autor desconocido
Character Concept: Cipsoft GMBH
Animation: Amy Meow

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