Christmas is coming, so at Feyrist we want to celebrate it in the best way. Your mission will consist of craft to Aylie and making a Feyrista Christmas-themed gift box. Read the rules carefully if you want to participate!


  • The contest starts on December 11 and ends on January 02, 2024 at server save time (10AM CET).
  • Three photos should be submitted. One of Aylie and one of the gift box separately and the last photo Aylie should be inside the gift box (It should be visible that Aylie is inside). On all photos should be visible a poster stating the name of your character, server and the following message: “Magical & Christmassy – Tibia Tales”. (DO NOT SEND MORE THAN THE NUMBER OF PHOTOS REQUESTED, AVOID SPAMMING).
  • Photos of your participation should be posted in our forum (here). You should write the name of your character, server and the 3 photos of your participation.
  • Each participant can send as many entries as he/she wishes, but only one can win.
  • TibiaTales staff are not allowed to participate in the contest.
  • Content that has been copied or used in previous contests will be permanently disqualified from TibiaTales contests.

Content requirements:

    • Aylie in your craft, you must keep your colors and your accessories, you only have 2 options: fairy or elementalist.
    • Digital drawings are not accepted, you can use any materials you wish, but it must be a tangible object. Example:
    • When recreating Aylie, you can choose 1 of her 2 appearances:

If you have questions about the contest, you can join our discord in the channel “Magical & Christmassy Contest”.



Golden Trophy of Excellence

Nightmare Doll

Silver Trophy of Excellence

Blessing charm set

Rune of Emblem of Choice

Bronze Trophy of Excellence

By participating, you agree that will publish your artwork. Good luck to everyone!

Here are some examples of what we want to see in the participations:

Hecho por Makadamia.
Hecho por Amy Meow
Hecho por Princesita Katy

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