The Feyrist royalty is looking for the most loyal warriors to grant them valuable prizes, but first they must earn our trust through challenges that they must complete in the estimated time. Would you like to be part of this adventure?

During each mission Aylie will be more demanding, so you must prepare to be the best.

This adventure will last 3 days, so if you consider yourself weak, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME! The missions will be published through our Instagram and on Discord, each mission will have an estimated time to complete, in which the participant must take a screenshot of the challenge that has been requested saying «long live the Queen» in reference to Aylie. For each mission completed, some Magical Stones will be added, if you fail in one, no Magical Stones will be added. The amount of Magical Stones will depend on each mission and its difficulty.

What are the Magical stones?

They are rocks with pieces of flowers, made by Feyrist’s fauns and fairies, as this is their favorite hobby. Knights must sharpen their swords, Wizards must dust off their wands and spells, while Paladins must fill their bags with arrows. BE THE BEST, DON’T TRUST ANYONE AND EARN MANY MAGICAL STONES!

Steps you must follow to be part of this wonderful adventure:

– You will need to register in our Discord channel (Feyrist games).

– The character must be level 2.

– The character must remain in Dawnport and not connect until the day of the event. If it is known that the character was connected ahead of time, he or she will be disqualified.

– In order to identify all the characters that will participate during the event, the character must use the name «Name + Sweetlove» and the following colors: (Click here if you want to see them on TibiaWiki).

– The character must be created on the server Astera.

– If you participate and win, but your character was not registered, you will be disqualified.


As mentioned above, the Feyrist royalty is in search of the bravest, most loyal and strongest warriors who are willing to follow Aylie’s orders to win valuable prizes. The missions will be kept secret and will be revealed as the participants advance and gather Magical Stones.

The event will take place as follows:

The first mission and the only one that will be revealed in advance will be: To level from level 2 to level 8 and leave Dawnport, this mission will be rewarded with 25 Magical Stones, and will be delivered by the fairies of the event.

The amount of Magical Stone that you accumulate will be added in the following table that you can see in the following link: (Link not yet available).

An alert will be made through the Discord and on the TibiaTales Instagram, in this way participants will get an alert for when the mission is published.

Each mission will have an estimated time, some will be 15 minutes, others 40 and up to 1 hour long. This will depend on the difficulty of each one. By not meeting the estimated time, sadly you will not get points, so you must wait for the next mission if you still want to continue participating.

The number of missions per day will not be revealed either, so you must prepare for this challenge.

After completing the estimated time for the mission, they will be evaluated. Valid screenshots will receive the following reaction: ❤️️ while invalid screenshots will receive the following reaction: 💔


As mentioned above, when completing the mission you will need to take a screenshot saying the following:

«Long live the Queen.» If you don’t, your screenshot will be invalid. Example:


«Mission number 2: Aylie needs cheese. For what? It’s none of your business, but you must do it. «She doesn’t want you to buy cheese, she wants you to steal the cheese from Thais’s rats yourself.»

The winners will be chosen as follows:

The more Magical Stones players have, the more likely they are to win prizes or reach the finals. The sum of all the missions will be a total of 200 Magical Stones, so if you successfully complete all the missions, you will have the chance to win a pretty good prize.

Two (2) lotteries will be held to choose the winners. Example

Participants who have between 75 to 100 Magical Stones will have 1 chance to win, while participants who have between 125 to 200 Magical Stones will have a double chance to win.

You can exchange your Magical Stones for 1 or 2 tickets (Depending on your score) for the lottery and have the chance to win surprise prizes.

Final Mission

But that is not all! We are preparing a final mission, which only warriors who were brave and earned at least 180 Magical Stones will be able to access. The last mission will not have an estimated time, since it will be easy, but you will need to be very fast when it starts. An announcement will be published 15 minutes before through our Discord and Instagram, so when that announcement is published you must be in the Thais temple, exactly in this place:

You must remain in that spot until a new announcement is published on Instagram and Discord. When the announcement is published, you must run to the “Warrior’s Guildhall”. The doors will be open for only 5 minutes, so you have to hurry.

What you must do…

Throughout the house there will be a lot of garbage, and you will have to look for some documents that have the following written: “HeeHee!!! Hello sweet little creature. You have won the #1 ticket for our lottery. congratulations!«. The document must be written by Milie Sweetlove. If you find a letter, you don’t have to stop, since you can continue searching for more. After the 8 documents are found, you must take a screenshot as follows:

Then they must return the documents to Milie Sweetlove, and then a lottery will be held. The cards will have a number, so you will have to pay attention to find out which number has been the winner.