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After roaming the whole continent for centuries, the elves settled in this area of luxuriant vegetation in the north of Tibia. They built their houses in and out of trees – most houses are actually located high above the ground in tree-tops and connected via bridges – and named their village “Ab’Dendriel” after the ancient word “déndron”, which means “tree”. Elves are also called “tree-singers”, because they are able to enchant plants by singing. You can find many examples of this art there. But the idyll is deceptive. Below the surface horrible creatures are lurking for incautious adventurers and the pyramid on the isle off the coast is filled with undead monsters.


The beautiful city of Carlin is located at the north coast of the Kings’ Gulf. Carlin, which is reigned by Queen Eloise, has always been a rival of Thais. Like the queen, all senior officers, the merchants, and even the city guards are women. Men are only allowed to do minor work. Be that as it may, Carlin is a very lovely city, with well-tended parks, a beach, nice houses, and clean streets. Science and fine arts are also flourishing. Each guild has established a representation and tries to gather knowledge from the travellers. A strong city wall protects the prospering city against the monsters and wild animals of the surrounding areas.


The extinct volcano in the centre of the continent is the home of a very ancient race, the dwarfs. Using their craftsmanship and their knowledge about the power of fire and earth, the dwarfs managed to tame the rivers of water and lava and to build their town, Kazordoon, in the heart of the mountain, whom they respectfully call “the Big Old One”. Many trails and tunnels now run through the mountain, and even the road from Thais to Carlin and Ab’Dendriel leads along a dry canyon right through. Being proud of their great work, the dwarfs erected a giant statue at the entrance of the canyon. Prospecting for mineral resources the dwarfs have gathered great riches, and the legendary treasure chamber in their town shows only a small part of them.


Thais is the largest city in Tibia. It is situated in the southwest of the continent at the bay of the same name and extends far to the hinterland. Two rivers form a natural border in the north and the south, a strong city wall protects the east side. In the west, Thais is open to the sea. In former days, the harbour was crowded with trading vessels, which brought exotic goods and wealth to the city. The old lighthouse at the entrance to the bay is a relic of this golden epoch. Nowadays, the merchants and craftsmen of Thais earn their livings out of selling their wares to the many adventurers and travellers that visit the city. On a small island in the bay, King Tibianus III resides in his castle. Under his wise reign, Thais has grown to a center of science and art. The Royal Archive in the castle and the libraries of the guilds contain a wealth of wisdom. Several temples provide religious aid for needy wanderers.


In the swamps at the eastern coast of the continent lies the city of Venore. It is ruled by the money and the power of the local merchant houses. By monopolizing the trade with dwarfish and elfish goods as well as importing Edron wood and Darashian wasp-honey, the merchants of Venore used their fleets of trading ships to raise the wealth and influence of their town. The local shipyard and the harvest of the spice-weedgrass found in the nearby swamps made the city important to the kingdom. As a consequence, the merchant houses could claim a lot of privileges from the Thaian kings, such as the exclusive right to run gambling and betting businesses.

If you are rich in Venore, you can live like a king. If you are poor, you can be lucky if anyone ever takes notice of you. Nonetheless, many fortune-hunters flock to Venore to catch a glimpse on its wealthy inhabitants, buy in the huge market halls, look for promising trade opportunities, and perhaps gamble for a fortune in the notorious Hard Rock Tavern.

The vicinity of Venore has become a home to many other creatures, and several wanderers leaving for an excursion into the misty swamps have never returned. Rumours say they have lost their way and fallen victim to nature’s forces – or, more likely, victim to the skull-collecting amazon tribe which is supposed to roam the wilderness. Survivors of the poisonous maze also brought home stories of a well insulated hideout of rogue elves known as Shadowthorn, a name deriving from its impermeable thorny walls, which seem to have grown naturally by themselves to form the hideout.

Adventurers from all over the world, who are prepared to face the creatures lurking in the mists, are encouraged to visit Venore as a base for their expeditions into the swamp or the nearby Plains of Havoc … and spend their money in the markets or the tavern.

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