Do you want to party like there is no tomorrow? Are you ready for some fun activities? It’s your lucky day! Because Orcsoberfest it’s around the corner!

The time has come for the orgers to fill up on all the food and beer one could dream of, while the diligent orcs work tirelessly to ensure that no plate or mug goes empty. Earn festive points by participating in numerous activities, enter the lottery for a chance to win big prizes, or try to satiate King Chuck’s ravenous appetite for a reward.

As of server save on March 10, a tent will appear south of Thais. Inside is a teleport which is open to any Premium player, bringing you to Orcsoberfest island. Talk to your friendly neighbourhood orger Xaver first after your arrival or directly engage in the activities if you are an Orcsoberfest veteran.

The festival concludes on March 17. During the weekend after the event (server save on March 17 until server save on March 20) all game worlds will receive a 50% XP boost for creatures of the “demon” bestiary class.

As they say on the island, meaning ‘Happy festivities!’ in Orcish:


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