Chaos and Death in Rookgaard
The city of Rookgaard is in total chaos due to the attack of the little elven girl Kylindra ennorath who was babysitted for by the monk Cipfried no less than 1 year ago, she did not know where she came from or who her parents were.
No one knows the reason why Kylindra entered a small tavern and began to attack innocent people with her sword, followed by this she went out into the streets to unleash total chaos damaging commercial stalls, the infrastructure of the city and attacked the civilians of Rookgaard with a fury that no one could recognize it, unleashing panic in the city, so far it is known of the cold-blooded murder of 23 men, 14 women and 6 children, her whereabouts are unknown.
She was last seen crossing the bridge north of the city with a bow and her sword completely drenched in blood with eyes full of uncontrollable fury…

capable of intimidating anyone.
The people of Rookgaard are still in shock at what happened, the families of the deceased are asking for justice, as well as the rest of the people and merchants affected by this outrageous crime.
The monk Cipfried has been sheltered in the temple “for security” without being able to give any statement to the inhabitants of Rookgaard, causing rumors and suspicions against him.
It seems that he used the girl to gain power and influence in the city or he used her to sow fear among the citizens who are against his ideals, for which a more in-depth investigation about this matter will start carried by the Rookgaard guard.
On the other hand, King Tibianus is furious about what happened, he comments that it is not possible that a city that was created for peace, learning and training of the youngest is being destroyed and horrified by an evil …

elven girl, in such a way that he took action on the matter and sent an army of 100 men to protect the city, 10 elite knights searched and caught Kylindra alive to make her pay for all her crimes.


In the last days, a huge herd of wild horses has been seen on the shores of Thais, very close to the Trolls cave.
Due to the location where the horses were seen, they could only belong to Palomino, he rents horses and offers transportation services between Thais and Venore.
The tragedy occurred on Monday, April 11, when Palomino was giving maintenance to the saddles. He didn’t realize the corral gate was closed, so the horses escaped.
After the escape of the horses, Palomino has not been able to comply with the transportation offered to the citizens of Thais and Venore, affecting the trade that exists between these large cities. He says that..

economic losses are estimated at 1,640,000 gold coins daily, adding up to more than 13,120,000 gold coins.
Palomino asks the community not to attack their horses and, if possible, to take them back to their corral to help reactivate his business.
Is he going to get help or be ignored? We will see in the next edition

You can find him today
on Port Hope’s

Antica: 36,920 / 36,453
Mykera: 38,099 / 36,000
Astera: 41,220 / 40,472
Inabra: 37,598 / 36,766

From May 5 to 7

Demon’s Lullaby
From May 7 to 14

Starting May 3, all players will be able to report bugs.


Grand Deception: Shiron’Fal has not disappeared.
A desperate woman has deceived multiple groups of war men for horrifying reasons.
One survivor told us exclusively, “She begged us for help, said she felt saved to see a trusted face.”
The alleged woman, named Ysbasra, claimed that her brother had been kidnapped by mercenaries and that they had sold him to a scientist dedicated to conducting genetic experiments located on the recently discovered island of Ingol.
Ysbasra sent the team on a ship sailed by pirates. According to the survivors, the island was full of horrible, gigantic and some very violent creatures such as the so-called Rhindeer, with the head of a rhinoceros, deer horns and a giant semi-human body.
An expedition that lasted days, the survivors describe how they had to go through all the floors of the laboratory to complete their mission and…

defeat the doctor who was doing cruel and inhumane experiments. “I can still hear in my head the cries of suffering from those creatures, I had never heard anything more terrifying,” said the interviewee.
Finally they found Doctor Marrow’s laboratory, but there wasn’t any kidnapped human, and it was there when Ysbasra appeared in her true form, stole the doctor’s experiments and disappeared. Marrow took advantage of the confusion to flee, leaving the warriors to fight a hideous Monster.
Ysbasra’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but it is known that she belongs to the Shiron’Fal, an ancient group of war experts believed to possess immeasurable armies. With Ysbasra’s deception, this group now has access to the most terrifying creatures ever created.


Tibia Newspaper – Terror of the Frozen Island: Yeti on the Loose


The Yeti is on the loose across the frozen continent of Folda,
We believe that it has caused
several damages in its path.
We were able to witness the residents
And travelers from the region,
Terrified of what happened.

In the course of the days, we will have an incessant persecution.
Because apparently he looted
and kept a boot of estimated value with him.
leaving his massive footprints in the frozen city.
It is rumored that some brave heroes
are behind this valuable article.
To be able to get this gem.

However, the mystery of the whereabouts continues
of this fearsome monster from the outskirts of Folda.
But with the certainty of who finds it,
You may have an amazing story to tell.
And who knows, maybe this way,
You can get your amazing rare boot…

that for so long the Yeti hides inside itself.


Zathroth’s hideout

It is no secret to anyone that since his banishment, Zathroth, one of the most powerful and dangerous Gods of the Tibian continent, has managed to gain more and more followers over time, our reporters managed to infiltrate the Carlin cemetery, where cults were rumored to take place to bring the dark god Zathroth to life.

Our reporters discovered that using a secret mechanism they could go down to the catacombs of the cemetery, presumably used to perform cults in the name of Zathroth, what our reporters found was more than just news, since they were able to find the real hiding place of those who intend to bring the powerful Zathroth back to this astral plane.


The secret mechanism gave way to a…

path and at the end of it, a strange dark portal that teleported them to what seemed like something more than a simple cult of Zathroth, if not something so complex that our reporters barely made it out alive


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