TibianFic is the name of a section that will cover all the FanFics made by players who wish to be part of our community of writers, but also for readers who wish to take a look at some of the players’ works. We welcome you from both sides!

In order to be part of this community you must follow these rules:

  • It must not contain NSFW (Not safe/suitable for work) content.
  • The images must be without any type of letters, since the TibiaTales team will be in charge of adding the name of the FanFiction and the frame in order to maintain the aesthetics of the Fansite and the same typography. Example:
  • The content must be exclusively set in Tibia (You can be inspired by other stories, games, movies, but you must always adapt it to Tibia).
  • The FanFic cannot have more than 2000 characters.
  • You can use digital drawings, drawings, Tibia screenshots, that is, all kinds of FanArt.
  • You must attach at least 3 images (Including the cover).
  • For a better understanding and to be able to translate the text, you must not use any slang and maintain good spelling.
  • Order the images that will represent each text. Recommendation: Select the images in the same order that you want them to appear in the FanFic when published, starting with the cover and then with the rest.
  • The content before being approved for publication will go through a filter in which the spelling, theme of the FanFic, etc. will be examined. After that if it has all the requirements, it’ll be published on the website.
  • Remember to write the name of your character and server for the credits.
  • Click here to send your FanFics

If you are interested in being part of this community, but you don’t know what a FanFic is, you can read our article. Here

Let your imagination run wild and remember that TibiaTales is not only a fansite, but also a book full of adventures.

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