How to create a FanFiction

The term fanfiction refers to a type of fictional story that uses the settings or characters of an existing work as a tribute. If you’re a big fan of a certain fictional universe, you can write about some of its characters, expand the official story, or change it entirely. Although fanfiction readership is often small and specialized, the people who will read what you write will be just as passionate about the source material as you are. Fanfiction is a fun and creative way to express your love for something and the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Part 1.- Explore the original material

  • Choose the source material you will write about. Fanfiction is always based on an already existing work of art. In reality, you create a story that expands or alters a fictional story that already exists. The ways you can choose to do so are endless.
  • Read about the fictional universe. Most of the fanfiction are usually based on science fiction universes or fantastic universes (In this case, Tibia).
  • Read some fanfiction. The inspiration to get the best ideas for your work will come from the original material itself. However, still helps to see what other fans have done with the same ideas.

Part 2.- Plan your own story.

  • Determine your reach. Because fanfiction is so diverse and open-ended, it helps to think of some rules before you start writing. Is your story going to be big or small?
  • Imagine “what if” scenarios from the source material. All fanfics are based on speculation. Whether you decide to write the sequel to the play or an alternate story, it will all be based on a “what if” question. What would happen if a character died (or didn’t die) at a certain point in the story? What do you think happens after the credits of the movie roll? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself in the early stages of planning your fanfic.
  • Consider writing a crossover fanfic. Crossover fanfiction refers to a genre of fanfic that brings together characters from different fictional universes.
  • Write from a sketch. A proper sketch can make all the difference when it comes to writing a fanfic.

Many fictional stories have a similar dramatic way. It can be divided into the following parts:

  • The beginning should set the mood pretty well, as well as define the motivations and risks of your central characters.
  • Opening conflict. Something happens and sets the hero off on his adventure. Often (but not always) it is the antagonist doing it. The rest of the story will involve the protagonist as he tries to figure things out.
  • Half of the story. The middle of a story can be seen as the center of the character’s mission. This is when the story becomes more detailed, character relationships develop and strengthen, and the risks gradually increase.
  • The resolution. The climax where the protagonist triumphs. It usually arrives shortly after the hero has been at their lowest point and builds momentum to the end. Sometimes, then there is an outcome(final action) where the result of the final conflict is shown.

Part 3.- Write your story.

  • Start the action soon. Assume from the start that whoever reads your fanfic is going to have as much knowledge of the source material as you do.
  • Edit your work. Editing is a necessary part of any kind of writing.
  • Write coherently. Writing fanfics will be a learning experience. It is very likely that you will improve your skills as you write. However, from the reader’s point of view, it is important that the work feels relatively coherent, either in terms of tone or overall quality of writing.

Part 4.- Publish your FanFic.

You can share your FanFic with us on TibianFic. Click here to submit your FanFic.

You can also find Tibia Lore in our Lore section.

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