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FanArt and FanFiction are terms (Also known as FanWork) that refer to the art and stories created by fans of movies, characters, video games, animation, and literature. They are a way of honoring the works of your choice or stuff you like; they are based on expressive, playful and non-profit purposes.

The FanFiction are ‘fictions’ made by the ‘fans’ of a cultural project, such as a movie or a book. In other words, a story (tale, micro-story…) that takes place in the universe of the original work but has been modified to suit the fan who narrates it. For example: Rebellion : The Fight of Women.

This FanFic is a collaboration between TibiaTales and TibiaGallery, which is based on Bella Boncrusher’s, an original character from Tibia Lore.

The FanArt is exactly the same, but with a broader concept, since it refers above all to the pictorial field (to the drawings).

This FanArt is one of the many creations of Misha Artwork

Based on Amy Meow with different Tibia items, like Elemental Spike, Bear Doll, Ferumbras Hat, etc.

But how is the FanArt and FanFiction related in the world of Tibia? Tibia is a game with a quite wide world, also is rich in theories, stories, secrets, graphics. This is the reason that attracts a lot of players and among them professional and amateur artists and writers, this leads these communities to start creating stories or art from the Lore and graphics of Tibia. As is the case with our partner TibiaFanart, their content is based on all kinds of FanArt and artists such as Lupus Aurelius, Amy Meow, Makadamia, Misha Artwork and other great artists from the community.

Fansite contests are no exception, whose tasks are FanWorks. For Example:

FanArt and FanFiction created by Makadamia for the Magic and Creativity contest organized by

The task of this contest was to draw a wizard or witch with their fansite article (Magic Hat) and a small FanFic.

There is also another type of FanWorks such as PixelArt, these are very popular among the artist community and mostly used to create fansite items in many contests. PixelArt artists have recently chosen to implement FanFiction in their creations to attract attention and contextualize the organizers. For Example:

This Sprite was created by Makadamia for TibiaDraptor and along with it a little story to justify its color change from orange to purple.

“Long ago, a brave hunter and explorer searched for more and more unknown species of creatures. Having already visited the Zao steppes, he traveled further north than usual. He found himself in the Muggy Plains, surrounded by an army of lizards. Hordes of enemies were stronger than the lizards that lived in the city of Chor. He was also attacked by Dragons, which he did not expect in these areas. Facing any attack with ease, he suddenly noticed a very agile creature, unknown to him until now. He carefully followed the brick red monster, and suddenly a bright flash blinded him. Something happened that he had never seen before. The creature that he had followed for so long stood in the light and changed color. He was amazed. It was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. Some kind of evolution? He had no idea, but he knew that somehow he had to preserve what he had seen and show it to others. He created a little doll, an exact copy of the brick-red creature and put a little magic on it, to show everyone the beautiful change of colors he had seen. He also promised himself that he would further investigate the spines of the creatures and their possibilities to discover the process he had witnessed.”

FanArt made by Makadamia for the Draw a Draptor contest organized by TibiaDraptor.

This trend has made that mostly all the fansite items have their own stories, but also had a great positive effect on the collaborations, for example:

FanArt made by Makadamia for the contest in collaboration between CasalTibiano and PortalTibia.

The task was to illustrate a meeting between Epaminondas and his lover. In addition, you had to create a name for Epaminondas’ future girlfriend and somehow include a Love Elixir in the drawing, and prior to this, a FanFiction was created to contextualize the participants in the story.

The FanArt and the FanFiction (FanWorks) will always have a relationship between the two and will complement each other, because in the realization of the FanFiction the characters or elements that make up the FanFic must be represented, this means, each of these are thought of in order to give life and context to the story. For example:

In the FanFic “Rebellion: The Fight of Women” Amy Meow decided to create a sprite to represent Bella Bonecrusher’s in the FanFic, offering a visual context to the reader, but also a totally new character was also created to give another meaning to the original story of Bella Bonecrusher’s and that is where FanArt and FanFiction cross and link to create a complete and beautiful story.

Remember that you can send us the stories of your FanArt and PixelArt through our website! Click here to submit your FanFic.

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