The War Plan

This FanFic was written by Tanjiro.

We all know that it was Aylie who freed the fairies and elves from Reah’s terrible spell, how she became the most powerful elementalist in Feiryst by performing great deeds, and a wide variety of great stories, but no one will ever know how dark and painful what it was like to live through that war in the flesh and blood.

It all started with the return of Aylie, all the fairies and elves in the city were happy, since they thought they would never see her again, and now seeing her arrive transformed into a powerful elementalist, they were simply surprised since it had been rumored for a long time that the great elementalist was defending Feiryst from the southern mountains; a little elf boy approached to her and said, It’s you! You saved me from that dangerous creature in the forest! His parents approached to thank Aylie for such a brave action and offered to organize a feast in her honor, Aylie accepted on the condition that the whole town would be invited because she would make an announcement that same night, the fairies and elves gathered and collected fruits and cooked delicious dishes for that night, a great feast and good news was what everyone was expecting.

At nightfall the entire town of Feiryst celebrated the arrival of Aylie the great elementalist, however everything changed when she gave the long-awaited announcement that was more of a call for war to the entire town due to the rest of the fairies and elves that were kidnapped in the depths of Feiryst, they were desperately asking for help, at first the entire town was scared but they noticed that Aylie’s words were true and a few began to second her, although the majority were afraid of participating in a war overnight so they decided to think about it for a

couple of days.

That same night, Aylie, with the few people who followed her, planned an attack on the underground areas where the fairies and elves were imprisoned. They armed themselves with the few weapons and potions they had, mounted some horses, and left the safe zone of the city.

When they finally arrived to Feyrist after a long trip they encountered a putrid smell, they kept walking and realized that the smell was coming from a pile of corpses of elves and fairies, they were missing limbs and even the wings in some fairies, this image made some of them start to panic and try to go back when suddenly a pink creature with a big mouth devoured in half an elf that was trying to flee on his own.

After seeing this, Aylie began to tell everyone to leave trying to use healing and attack spells at the same time in a desperate way, but more and more creatures arrived, this caused that only a few people got out alive.

They returned to the town traumatized by the events, after this no one wanted to support Aylie, let alone return to the depths of Feiryst, but Aylie knew that to save everyone she had to defeat the fearsome Gaz’haragoth so that those creatures full of hate would weaken, but that It seemed like a suicide mission since she did not have enough power.

The oldest fairy of the Feiryst forest understood the situation Aylie was in so she told her that no matter how powerful she was, she could never defeat Gaz’haragoth alone, but she needed to trust her and her last will was to save the people, she decided to guide her to meet a supreme being as she called him, they went to the swamps of Venore and the old fairy told her, my journey with you ends here, if you come looking for real help she will appear in front of you, this made Aylie get confused and she began to walk for hours that turned into days when she fell exhausted and with her view fading she could only see a big tree and a little pony lying under it, then she began to hear a voice in her head that asked her, are you ready to protect the people who believes you led them to their doom? Are you ready to continue after so much contempt? have they done anything for you?

To which Aylie replied, I don’t need someone to do something for me to offer my help, I don’t care if they despise me or not, I just want to save those fairies who so desperately asked for my help.

Aylie’s vital energy began to regenerate little by little, her vision stopped being cloudy and her wounds began to heal, then she saw how that little pony got up in front of her and turned into a beautiful unicorn with a beautiful purple aura. Then she heard inside her head, – My name is Luna and I will lend you all my power Mighty Elementalist Aylie -.

Aylie decided to travel with Luna to her old magic school in Edron and tell everything to her teacher Zoltan who was willing to support Aylie and Luna, but they would need more people to defeat Gaz’haragoth, they traveled with the King of Thais and the Queen of Carlin in search of warriors, but they did not have much luck, only 1 Elite knight agreed to such a feat.

Aylie returned to Feiryst with Luna, the powerful elite knight, and a small army of magicians specialized in healing and attack magic, they asked the inhabitants of Feiryst for support, these agreed to see what fate would bring them if they stayed with arms crossed.

They created a meticulous plan to defeat Gaz’haragoth and save the fairies and elves from the depths of Feiryst,which consisted of fully trusting on the powerful knight to take the front, the elves who agreed to help as archers and the magicians specialized in attack were behind them, all the responsibility of successfully healing them was on Aylie, on the other hand, the Feiryst fairies would be commanded by Luna, to rescue the fairies and elves.

The battle began… it was the longest and hardest battle they had ever had, but after so much suffering and agony on Aylie’s part, Gaz’haragoth was dead. Aylie, almost unconscious, gave the signal to Luna since they were connected to each other, due to their strong bond and after this she fainted.

When she woke up, she was surrounded by Luna, the elite knight, her master Zoltan, and the old Fairy said: – everything went well, the people of Feiryst had decided to grant you the honor of becoming their new Queen- .

Aylie accepted and swore that she would be the best Queen following the Will of Idalia, the former Queen and protector of Feiryst.

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