The colors of a Magical Friendship.

This FanFic was written by Lady Shinaa.

One day in September, thick and dark clouds came over Feyrist Island. A strong wind blew up and it started to rain.
The island seemed to freeze. There was no living soul outside. They were all sheltered from the mighty and heavy rain.

After some time, the clouds finally became less dark, and the first rays of the sun began to emerge.
The residents were very happy that they would finally be able to return to their daily activities.
When the last drop of rain fell on the island, a rainbow began to form before the eyes of the inhabitants.
Everyone went outside to admire the beauty of the rainbow and the variety of its colors.
After a few minutes, something strange started to happen.
When the rainbow was proudly floating, in all its glory, before the eyes of the inhabitants, the trees, the flowers, animals and everything on it, became paler and all colors began to disappear.
The rainbow, at that time, became more colorful and more beautiful than ever.

It was possible to see how the smiles of the residents began to disappear from their faces and their facial expressions began to gradually change into surprise, even their eyes became larger than usual.
Aylie, the Queen of the Island, was speechless because for the first time in her life, she had seen anything like this.
Not knowing what to do in this situation, she decided to go to the Edron Magic Academy to seek advice from the greatest scientists.
Before, she picked one of the most beautiful roses, which was very unique, even though it was colorless at the time.
She took it with her to observe, outside the Feyrist grounds, if the rose regained its color, then it would mean that everything on the island, was back to normal.

Just before entering the Academy, Aylie met a unicorn that was also colorless.

It turned out, after Aylie told her story about what happened on her island, that the unicorn named Luna also suddenly lost all its colors.
Both concerned about the whole situation, went to Spectulus, in order to get any hint what it could mean.

They found out, that there is currently an event going on all over the Tibian land called The Colors of Magic, and it may have something to do with the disappearance of the colors.
After getting the details from the astronomer, they went in search of the 3 magician representatives who were responsible for this event.

The first was a representative of the Furb of Nature mage named Nathaniel, who resided in a city called Venore.

Upon reaching their destination, they both found out from him that he had nothing to do with it. He explained that he only has a passion for nature and unfortunately he was unable to help them explain the situation.
Instead, he directed them to another representative who is a powerful woman. She was also involved in this event and he hoped that she would be able to help them right away.
On the way to Thais, where this Paulette resided, Aylie stopped and took a rose from her pocket, which she had picked from her garden before.
Curious, Luna asked what flower it was and why she carried it with her.
Aylie, making sure that the rose still hasn’t regained its color, said that it is her most beautiful flower in the whole garden, and in this way she checks if everything has not returned to normal, during her absence on the island.

After reaching the representative of the magic of Feiz of Power, named Paulette, Luna and Aylie, very excited once again told what happened to them.

The powerful Paulette wondered for a long time what could have happened, but also for so many years she had never experienced such a case before.
Despite her desires, she was also unable to help the girls.
Finally, she suggested that the last person they could ask for help was her friend Friedolin, although in her heart she doubted his knowledge and skills.
She was aware that he was only joking after all, but she kept this information to herself.

The girls, slowly losing hope, went to Carlin, where he lived.

As befits, a Furb of Fun mage representative, he greeted Aylie and Luna with one of his jokes.
Both, for the first time, despite such a strange situation, began to laugh very loudly.
The girls once again told their own story. Each of them very accurately described their situation, the moment when they lost their colors.
At that moment, a very wide smile appeared on Friedolin’s face.
Surprised by his reaction, at first they did not know how to react, but such a serious matter is not funny at all. After all, life without colors is sad.
Fanatic of jokes, at that moment, he realized that they might actually be right and what he had done.
The smile vanished from his face, and for the first time in his entire existence, he assumed a serious expression.
No one had ever seen Friedolin so sad as then.
The joker, with his head down, admitted that when no one visits him during the event of colors, all sorts of ideas come to him.
One of them, was to make this event more spectacular and colorful, he decided to take all colors from the most beautiful Feyrist Island and from the most colorful creature, which is a unicorn, to imbue the Strange Powder.
Luna looked at Aylie, and they didn’t know what to say. The girls had very mixed feelings, very angry with Friedolin, but also very happy that they had finally found the truth.

Paulette, who was very powerful, received the news immediately, from a curious bat who had overheard the whole conversation.
Immediately, very enraged, she arrived to Thais, to explain the whole situation.
She ordered him to immediately restore everything to the way it was.
She was so angry, even Aylie and Lunie felt sorry for him.
Both began to regain their beautiful colors, when Friedolin turned the whole situation back to how it was before.
Aylie pulled her rose out, and a beautiful sight of a yellow rose appeared to all of them. Then she was sure that everything was as it should be.
Luna was very happy and started running around and wagging her tail cheerfully.
She was so dizzy from running around that she bumped right into Aylie.
They both fell to the ground and started laughing loudly, even louder than for the first time.
They were very happy and joyful, and they realized that despite the difficulties, they had a very good time together.
Aylie looked deep into Luna’s eyes, and said that she always wanted a friend like Luna.
She offered to return to Feyrist together, promising a lifelong friendship.
Then something amazing happened, she gave Luna the most beautiful and rarest rose, which Tibia had ever seen.

Unicorn cheerfully replied “And there will never be another one after you, Aylie!”, confirming her willingness to continue their magically started friendship.

And so began their beautiful and magical friendship.
After returning to Feyrist, the girls heard after a few days, that Paulette had supposedly banned Friedolin from participating in The Colors of Magic event next year, but it remains to be seen if this is true.

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