Lost Magic and Found Friendship

This FanFic was written by Libi.

Months after the war had ended, all has been well in the Kingdom of Feyrist. Aylie was taking care of the Fey and handling the monsters that threaten her home. One day, while Aylie was tending to the flora, she noticed that there was a shift in her Kingdom. Her power felt unsettled. She had noticed that her staff was no longer sparkling and vibrant but had a dulling grey hue. Her cloak, which was once a beautiful soft pink, was also fading. Confused by the sudden changes Aylie requested the help of the fairies. No one knew what was happening to their queen and offered only one possible solution. Venture out to her friends in Edron. Maybe they could help?

At the same time, far off in the land of Ab’dendriel, there was a stunning yet small unicorn. Luna, as she is known, was enjoying her time in the gardens. Clearing away all of the brush that prevented visitors from enjoying the view. Luna felt a great sense of pride as she continued to help her Tibian friends. As the day passed by, Luna felt the need for a drink of water and a short rest. Visiting the nearby watering hole, Luna noticed something seemed off about her coat. It was no longer a soft purple but a dull brown. Strange? What could be happening? Feeling as though she may have been tired, Luna decided to rest for the remainder of the day. Surely, she was just exhausted. Little did she know…

The following day, when Luna awoke, she was surprised to see that she was no longer small and purple, but she was a full-sized brown horse! Confused as to what was happening. Luna set off to visit the swamps where her powers were granted to her not long before. She hoped she could figure out what was happening.
Reaching the Venorean swamp only took a half day travel as Luna had grown quite a bit with this transformation. Upon revisiting the swamp, Luna decided to visit the exact same spot she had stayed when she was blessed with her gift. Wandering around for what felt like hours, Luna realized she was lost. No idea how to find her way to the spot she had once laid her head down, she felt helpless. Maybe she was destined for a change? As this thought crossed her mind a small cottage came into view with an all too familiar face staring back at her, Vanys. She had finally found him!

Unfortunately for Luna, Vanys was not able to fix what had happened to her. However, he did offer a word of advice. Seek out a Fey-born sorceress named Aylie. Only with her help can you both regain what has been lost.
Meanwhile in Edron, Aylie was speaking with Zoltan about her predicament. Uncertain with what was happening to Aylie, Zoltan offered to let her stay for a few days while he spoke with his peers. Maybe they could figure out what was happening. Was Aylie losing her powers? Or was something greater in the works?

The following day, Zoltan had a meeting with the members of the Noodles Academy of Modern Magic. During the meeting, Spectulus spoke up about an unusual shift in the stars that he had seen around the same time Aylie’s powers began to fade. The stars began to form a unicorn. Coincidentally, Sinclair had been communicating with the ghosts of Venore. They had heard rumors of a unicorn named Luna once residing there. After listening to this information, Aylie decided to board the first boat to Venore. She must find this unicorn!

A few days past and Aylie was exhausted. She knew her powers did not have much time and her Kingdom needed her. Determined to find the unicorn, she did not delay! Upon arriving in the swamp, Aylie came across a well-dressed goblin named Rafzan. He claimed he knew where the unicorn was but would only tell Aylie if she would complete a few tasks for him. Three days and several tasks later, Rafzan finally let it slip that Luna could be found in the small Elven encampment called Shadowthorn.

With a map in hand, Aylie made her way to Shadowthorn. Upon arriving she was faced with many elves that did not particularly want her there. After explaining why she was visiting, Aylie was guided towards the home where Luna was staying.
When walking into the home, Aylie felt a sense of peace. Staring back at her was a simple brown horse. Luna? She had no idea what she was expecting, but she was not expecting to meet a plain brown horse. Luna also did not expect to be looking at a young girl such as Aylie. There was not anything particularly special looking about either of them.

Not sure where to go from there, Luna and Aylie decided to visit the Tashial carvings hidden within the encampment during their stay. Once entering the room, both Aylie and Luna had a shared vision. In this vision, they visited the ancient pyramids of Ankrahmun, had to fight many necromancers and their monsters, and they found a brightly glowing amethyst. The amethyst radiated power that felt familiar to the both of them. They simply felt it was their magic being held captive.With this in mind, Luna and Aylie decided it would be best to visit the City of Pharaohs, Ankrahmun.

Upon arriving in Ankrahmun, Aylie spoke with the temple priest, Rahkem and was granted permission to enter the tombs to search for the gem that holds their powers hostage. Seeing how exhausted Aylie was, Luna offered her back to her new friend. She was still strong and full of energy, while Aylie was fatigued. The least she could do was offer her friend a ride. Gratefully, Aylie accepted Luna’s offer. Upon sitting on Luna’s back, Aylie could not help but notice that Luna’s coat began changing and a horn had sprouted from her forehead. Prismatic, the only word to describe what Aylie was seeing. Luna had changed from a dull brown horse to a beautiful white and colored unicorn.

With newfound energy, they made their way into the pyramid of Ashmunrah hidden under Ankrahmun. Together they felt their powers slowly returning as they travelled through the dangerous tomb. They fought many undead beings and together they grew stronger. As they reached the area seen in their vision, a giant mummy appeared before them. The pharaoh, Ashmunrah had been awoken! Determined to put the pharaoh back to rest, Aylie and Luna combine their powers and defeat Ashmunrah.

After defeating the pharaoh, they were teleported into a room where a beautiful amethyst was resting on a stone table. Aylie and Luna both stepped forward and were immediately engulfed in light and their power returned. Feeling their powers fully returning, Aylie could not help but notice a scroll hidden under the gem. On the scroll a magical theft spell was written on it. A spell to steal the strongest magic in all of the Lands of Tibia. Unsurprisingly the scroll was signed by the followers of Reah.

A few weeks have passed since the events that brought Aylie and Luna together. Aylie, who has had her power fully restored, is back on her throne and rules her Kingdom of Feyrist with Luna by her side. Luna had learned that she can transform between two unicorn forms but spends most of her time in her small, purple form giving rides to young Fey who have yet to gain their wings. Peacefully spending their time, Aylie and Luna have grown inseparable and will face any challenge together.

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