From a Wild Adventure to a Magical Friendship

This FanFic was written by Lady Shinaa.

One fine morning, the first rays of the sun began to wake up all the inhabitants of Feyrist Island from a deep sleep.
Aylie, still sleepy, decided to go to the river to catch the morning breeze.

Walking among the beautiful greenery, her attention was caught by something that, from a distance, clearly showed purple and blue colors, just by the river.
She didn’t associate such colors with any plants, animals or fairies. Slowly approaching the river, the colors became brighter and the shape became clearer.
The shape resembled a small horse, but she had never seen such a horse before.

Unable to resist curiosity and, above all, out of concern for her island, she decided not to hide behind the trees, but to deal with the stranger as soon as possible.
The stranger was so thirsty and too busy drinking the refreshing water from the river that she didn’t notice Aylie walking towards her.

“Who are you and what are you looking for on my island?”, Aylie asked.
The frightened unicorn initially wanted to run as fast as possible, but when she looked deep into her eyes, something seemed to make her stay.
“I am Luna,” said the unicorn, “I am traveling through the Tibian land to find a home for myself. My journey made me very thirsty. Who are you? Why are you saying that this river belongs to you?”
“I’m fairy Aylie, and I’m the Queen of this island, called Feyrist. Welcome to my home,” she said nicely. “First time in my life, I can see a pony like you.”
Luna, giggling softly, said, “I’m not a pony, I’m a unicorn.”
And so Luna began telling Aylie all her stories about her past and her transformation.

Both of them suddenly began to be blinded by a sharp glare of the sun, which did not come from the sky, but directly from the river.
They saw that a bottle was floating on the river and there was something inside.

Curious Luna, as she was faster with 4 legs, fished the bottle out of the river first.
Inside was a mysterious map, and on the back were some notes.
Both, quite surprised, looked at each other and began to delve into the content of the notes. Each note was numbered.

Note number one:
“Near the sandy ground,
Wildness can be found.
Everything you meet there is wild,
Maybe today you smiled for the last time.
After a fight, you may have scars,
But you’ll find something worth more than gold bars.
In the whole mission, very essential is number two,
This is a very important clue”.

They both looked at each other, and as both were adventurous and very curious, the two of them went in search of a mysterious place.
After crossing the mysterious sandy areas, following the directions on the map, they found themselves in the city called Port Hope.

They found Guide Tiko, who told them some of the most important details about the city and its most important points.
Both thanked the guide and quickly looked again at the mysterious map and its clues.

Note number two:
In the jungle called Tiquanda, head southeast,
There you will meet a half wizard and half priest.
Its civilization is ready to die for the welfare of the lizard race,
So be careful when you step into their place.
Find a building with sealed door,
And a wooden box carefully explore.
You’ll face a lot of wildlife along the way,
So better careful all the time stay.
Remember, very essential is number two,
This is a very important clue”.

Aylie and Luna quickly followed the directions in search of a mysterious box.

They found a part of a chain/amulet inside of it.
By facing new monsters, they discovered new places with new parts of the amulet.
After reaching the last place on the map, the last note was:

“The number two has a special meaning,
Together it is easier to face any adversity, which always leads to winning”.

And in the last box they found the last missing piece of the mysterious chain.
After putting all the elements together, a beautiful friendship amulet was created.

The whole expedition, in solving mysterious riddles, brought them very close to each other.
Aylie and Luna, during this long trip, could see that they could rely on themselves, even though they really didn’t know each other at all before.
Their union and cooperation proved that, together, they are able to achieve any goal.
Both also felt very good in their company. This trip was not only difficult for them, but also very interesting and they had a great time.
In this way, on this unexpected starting day, their beautiful friendship began.

To this day, it is unknown where the bottle came from and why it reached Feyrist.
Maybe it was just a coincidence, or maybe magic powers made it reach the island at the moment when both girls saw each other for the first time.

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