Fate against Lord Retro

This FanFic was written by Esme Crawford.

Luna was traveling happily and finally free through Thais, she was surprised at everything she had lost being locked up just as a simple horse, she didn’t realized when she fell into an area that she never thought existed in Thais, everything was completely dark, an evil vibe was felt throughout the city which was deserted.

Just when the sadness began to take over Luna, a bright pink light was slowly approaching her direction, this glowing light was Aylie. Aylie had received a strange call coming from this strange place, this place was similar to Thais,but all its brightness had faded, this call took her directly to Luna, since Luna’s horn made her communicate telepathically asking for help without Luna knowing it. When they were together, they felt a great connection between them, but they did not understand why they felt so close, as if they had known each other forever. Well, the answer was simple… they were the key to defeating the great Lord Retro, an old sorcerer who discovered the way to control time and create a great spell to turn off all the magic and life of an entire city, he believed that he was invincible and that he would own all of Thais when he could finally completely submerged it in the darkness, but Lord Retro did not count on the fact that the universe itself would send these two great warriors to fight all his evil.

When Lord Retro felt the threat of our 2 great warriors getting closer and closer to him, he decided that with the help of his powers he would start to send some creatures that he believed he could control this in order to weaken them and kill them, he also created a special maze to lose them and that they could not reach where he was or at least that it was not so easy to reach him.

These noble warriors were advancing through every doors in front of them, they went through long corridors, a swampy area and even an old lake that showed a very old Thais, the sensation when they advanced was very strange, none of the creatures attacked them and on the contrary they were trying to protect them and showing them the way to reach their final destination.

Little by little they advanced until they reached a chamber surrounded by demons but they didn’t attack them, on the contrary the demons were shown an access with a lever which they both used and after going through 3 dangerous chambers with very strange missions they finally reached the chamber where Lord Retro was, these brave warriors did not back down and joined in a battle never seen before, Luna and Aylie did not know that all the creatures that were in that place were sending them all their energy and magic they had just to help them to defeat Lord Retro’s evil, Luna and Aylie little by little managed to defeat him and seize the magical backpack, this contained the artifacts that controls the time and magic.

The girls destroyed these objects and a great wave of colors exploded over the entire city, returning the color and magic that existed before Lord Retro took over Thais. At the moment of breaking the spell, the strange creatures became all the inhabitants that had been trapped in the cruel and dark Thais, that was the reason why they had helped our heroines, the inhabitants of Thais made a pact, Aylie will keep the objects in Feyrist to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands and Luna she will become the guardian of Thais to prevent another wave of evil from coming again. Luna and Aylie strengthened their friendship, they are waiting for new adventures and they decided to create a quick access from Thais to Feyrist with the help of a magical portal and a pretty emerald so they can visit each other.

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