Release of Sound in Tibia

Tibia with sound. Today, this dream turns into reality!

After more than 25 years, Tibia has been enriched by sound and music today. It was a big and courageous project into which we put passion, enthusiasm and expertise to finally gift Tibia its own voice.

Today, when launching the game client, Tibia’s anthem will greet you as you embark on your next adventure, an adventure which you can experience with sound. Dive into the acoustic world of Tibia and explore this fresh side of the game you know by heart.

It was crucial for us to allow you to set the pace at which you want to explore this novel aspect of Tibia. Therefore, you can find many sound options in the options menu to change your settings as you please and choose the sound experience you prefer.

Sound in Tibia is an invitation, and it is up to each of you whether or not you choose to give it a try and take up on this offer. We encourage you to be curious!

If you want to find out more about how we approached this enormous endeavour of adding sound, make sure to read our featured article “The Making of Sound in Tibia” which gives you an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain.

You want to enjoy Tibia’s anthem and signature tracks even when not being online in the game? Visit our new soundtrack section on the website to listen to the different musical compositions you can hear ingame while roaming the Tibian lands. Moreover, you can also download the soundtrack there.

Now go forth, Tibians,
walk those well-trodden paths with curiosity and an open heart,
and of course, with open ears!

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