Happy Holidays

Dear Tibians, it is that time again. Christmas lurks just around the corner and the year is coming to an end. Time for a recap.

2022 began with a remarkable anniversary: 25 Years of Tibia!

In order to celebrate this milestone together with you, we have devised some dedicated interactive events.

At the Time Travel Dungeon you could not only travel back in time and revisit history, but also start a newly created quest that sent you across all over Tibia and eventually culminated in the final battle with Lord Retro.

Other challenges included ten bosses with different levels of difficulty, the Scavenger Hunt, the Birthday Buffet or the Picture Wall. Fine rewards, such as backpacks, mounts, outfits, or collectible tokens, so-called Theons, could be earned through all of these events.

Oh yes, and a little grump called Morshabaal was also first sighted in Tibia during this time…

The most eager collectors of the Theon tokens were finally able to qualify for the Pantibean Festival taking place in spring. The highlight and core of this event was certainly the hilarious obstacle course with several minigames that the four founders of Tibia, Steve, Guido, Stephan and Durin, had to master together with you.

The following summer, specifically July, was all about the summer update. . Including the new Marapur area, as well as a new race of enemies, the Nagas, and the primordeal creatures. . The feature box contained a daily boosted Boss feature, the Boss Cooldown tracker, and last but not least, the already legendary Bosstiary.

But now for something completely different…

Something that has been dormant within Tibia for 25 years, just waiting for a some brave and unshakable adventurers to finally free it.

Tibia with sound!

Around 600 audio files, 75 different set-ups of ambient streams, roughly 1 GB uncompressed sounds with a total length of more than one hour and thirty minutes, 45 minutes of which are musical compositions! Cats, dogs, deer and even rotworms now have their own voices and speak directly to you.

A true feast for Tibians and a wonderful new experience to explore the world.

The winter update in November brought, among other things, the hot discussed Wheel of Destiny, and some changes for more convenience, such as the imbuement indicator, the gather all option, or the boss cool down reduction.

On the content side, the new quests Galthen and the City of Gold and The Cradle of Monsters, including new hunting spots, creatures and bosses, were contributed.

Many innovations, many changes, many surprises. And this was just a snippet of all the events, updates, and happenings during the past year.

And now, as we slowly come to an end…

It is time to trade your Christmas tokens with NPC Ruprecht. He has a new doll in store, the santa ahau doll. Try your luck to win one in the traditional holiday raffle. Simply participate in the feedback form: What has Santa given you?.

We wish you all a peaceful and happy end of the year. Whether in Tibia, or in real life, have a good time!

See you in 2023!

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