Conviction and Revelation Perks

The start of this year’s winter update test is close, Tibians. Time to take a closer look at the new spells and abilities that the Wheel Of Destiny has in store for you. Since they bestow significant benefits they require a considerable number of promotion points to be unlocked.

Gift of Life (Revelation Perk)

Next time when death stares at you, stare back with a vibrant smile and survive an otherwise fatal blow. If an attack (except with agony damage) were to kill you but the overkill damage amounts to less than 20%, 25% or 30%* of your maximum hit points, you will heal yourself for 20%, 25% or 30%* of your maximum hit points. Only after that is the damage applied. In addition, all your spell cooldowns are reduced by 60 seconds. Cooldown: 30, 20 or 10* hours. The cooldown is only reduced while the character has a battle sign.

* Values for stage 1, 2 and 3 of the perk.

Vocation-specific Revelation Perks


Executioner’s Throw

This spell throws your weapon on your target and jumps on 1, 2 or 3* nearby enemies. Deals 100%, 125% or 150%* additional damage to targets with less than 30% of their hit points. Cooldown: 22, 18 or 14* seconds.

Combat Mastery

Increases the defence value of shields by 10, 20 or 30*. Increases your critical extra damage by 4%, 8% or 12%* while wielding a two-handed weapon.


Divine Wrath

This spell plants a marker at the feet of your target that explodes after 3 seconds, dealing holy damage. . Damage increases with higher spell stages. Cooldown: 28, 24 or 20* seconds.

Divine Empowerment

Every 16th, 14th or 12th* attack creates a field of holy energy around your feet for 5 seconds. As long as you stand in this field, your dealt damage increases by 8%, 10% or 12%*.


Blessing of the Grove

Your healing is increased by 0.06%, 0.09% or 0.12%* for every 1% of your target’s missing hit points.

Twin Bursts: Terra or Ice

Decide wisely whether you want to cast ice or earth damage in a small area around you, as these two ring spells share the same cooldown. Both spells deal 20%, 40% or 60%* additional damage to targets with more than 60% of their hit points. Cooldown: 22, 18 or 14* seconds.


Great Death Beam

This beam spell deals death damage. Damage and length increase with higher spell stages. Cooldown: 10, 8 or 6* seconds.

Drain Body

This crippling spell debuffs all creatures in an area for 16 seconds. Grants 1%, 1.25% or 1.5%* mana leech and 3%, 3.75% or 4.5%* life leech against creatures debuffed this way. Cooldown: 12 seconds.

Avatars (Revelation Perk)

Unleash your true power and turn into a mighty avatar for a glorious moment. For 11 seconds, you benefit from 5%, 10% or 15%* damage reduction and all your attacks are critical hits with 5%, 10% or 15%* critical extra damage. Cooldown: 120, 90 or 60* minutes.

Avatar of Steel

Avatar of Light

Avatar of Nature

Avatar of Storm

Vocation-specific Conviction Perks

Battle Instinct

Gain +8 shielding and +1 sword/axe/club fighting when 5 creatures are on adjacent squares. For each additional creature, you get +8 shielding and +1 sword/axe/club fighting more.

Battle Healing

For each creature challenged, you will heal yourself for a small amount. This amount doubles if you have less than 30% of your hit points.

Charm Enhancement

The chance to trigger an offensive Charm (except for Cripple) is increased by 0.5%.

Ballistic Mastery

The critical extra damage for attacks with a crossbow is increased by 10%. If you attack with a bow, the damage of offensive Charms (except for Cripple) is increased by 0.2%.

Runic Mastery

If you use a rune that can be created by your vocation, your magic level is increased by 5. For example: Avalanche Rune

Healing Link

If you heal someone with Nature’s Embrace or Heal Friend, you also heal yourself for 10% of the applied healing.

Runic Mastery

If you use a rune that can be created by your vocation, your magic level is increased by 5. For example: Great Fireball Rune.

Beam Mastery

For each target hit by a beam spell, the cooldown of all other spells is reduced by 1 sec (up to a maximum of 3 seconds) and the damage of this spell is increased by 10% (up to a maximum of 30%).

Before giving feedback on the strength and impact of perks in the Skill Wheel, we encourage you to thoroughly try them out during the test of the Winter Update, including Dedication Perks and the augmentations of existing spells which we did not feature in this teaser.

See you on the test servers!

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