Changes and Fixes

A number of fixes and changes have been implemented today. For Example:

  • The signature sounds continue to play despite the battle sign for an epic fray.
  • Ambience Sound:
    • House items with big flames or burbling water like the Knightly Fire Bowl and the Portable Aqueduct now have sound effects.
    • Ambient sounds like squeaky doors, angry crowds, or the tortured Edron guy near the depot are now played less frequently and/or have a volume decrease.
    • We have generally lowered the frequency of ambient sounds.
    • The rattling sounds of snakes have been changed to less intrusive ones.
  • Spells/Runes Sound:
  • Attack/support spells and runes are now categorised correctly and can be customised via the sound settings.
      • The sounds of some spells and runes, such as the Great Fireball Rune, have been shortened.
    • Exercise sounds are now part of the battle sound category and can be customised via the battle sound settings >own/other players > attack.
    • Eating and drinking sound volume have been decreased.
    • We have changed the voices of Barbarian Brutetamers and Glooth Brigands to a more feminine approach.
    • The creature poor soul cannot be summoned anymore.

    See you in Tibia.

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