A little of history with Milie : Chapter IV

In a new episode of a bit of history with Milie, we have they offering puzzles, interviews, quizzes and more. The item that represents them in Tibia is the one and only Luna, if you are interested in knowing details and more about this item, don’t miss this interview with one of the admins of

Lady Mass (Admin) will tell us some details about her website, fansite item and more.

Luna’s Story

A large part of the Fansites are inspired by the hobbies of the administrators and this is reflected in the fansite items, whether they are books, dolls, etc. What inspired you to have a unicorn as a fansite item to represent TibiaGoals in Tibia?

We were trying to create something that represented the change and the progress. We thought of different things, a bird hatching from an egg, a swan, but somehow these ideas seemed too normal. Then our love for unicorns emerged. We thought about the story of a pony, Juna, who turns into a real unicorn. Juna’s goal was to become something different, and she succeeded. That is a small part of our lore
When Luna was created, there were already unicorns in Tibia, there was a unicorn figurine, the baby unicorn that you can buy for tc, also a unicorn mount or a unicorn sausage, so we didn’t create something that would stand out from Tibian norms, nor we invented something new when implementing it, since there were already unicorns in the game. We mixed the unicorn with adorable and cute semi-copied colors from items like Energy vein or Stuffed Teddy, so that’s what makes it different from the unicorns that already exist in the game! We wanted our unicorn to be more like a stuffed animal.

Having the idea and knowing what you want is the first step to carry out the project of having a fansite item, but this does not end here, since fansite item creation contests for fansites are very popular in the community, while that other fansites recur to PixelArt artists so they can establish a better communication of what the administrator really wants. Both options are valid, the selection process is the most difficult because it is an opportunity that will only be present once and it is the item that will represent the fansite forever. Tell us a bit more about the process of creating Luna.

Luna was first created by Divine’Angel, however we decided to send the idea to the tibian sprite specialist-Makadamia We gave her the idea, we told her what we expected from the item and we saw that if it was possible to do and that it would be a bit too much. Originally, there were going to be two versions of the item. One was to be a brown pony (Juna), later changing to the colorful Luna. However, we wanted Luna to have two positions. A dreamer, with her eyes closed, and a Moon ready to go, sitting up and fabulous. We really wanted to stay with the dreamer, so we dropped the idea of ​​switching from Juna to Luna. Unfortunately, we couldn’t mix both ideas, since there are certain sprite limitations that we wouldn’t be able to meet.
We also didn’t want Luna to be static, we wanted her to move all the time, move her hair or hooves a bit, to make it look like she’s alive in some way, despite being a stuffed animal.

When the time to put your ideas in order to find out how you want the item to be comes, it is usually very exciting and this does not allow you to think clearly and making decisions at that moment can become a bit risky and as time passes you come back to think of all the options you could have taken, but in the euphoria of the moment you didn’t think about it, so did you have in mind other options/ideas and/or modifications for Luna or other sprites?

Here you will find different sprite ideas (click here to see the different Luna sprites). You can find the original Luna created by Divine there, as well as the different versions of Luna by Makadamia. However, we didn’t change much from the original, just details like the stars during the sleep phase, which we got rid of (and regretted later, lol) etc.

Now, going a bit into the TibiaGoals website, what does it get its name from?

It’s about people reaching their goals. The page is made to motivate people and praise them for being consistent in the process of achieving their goals. We had some names in mind, TibiaDreams was one of them, but we thought that dreams differ a bit from goals. Dreams seem more detached from reality and seem impossible to achieve, while goals seem like something that pushes you forward and you can eventually achieve them if you work hard enough. This is the reason why we decided to keep this name.

And with this we finish this interview, without a doubt Luna is loved very much by the community of girls who love the magical and girly style in their decorations. Remember to visit and participate in their contests and puzzles, as well as share your goals with them and also a special thanks to Lady Mass for helping with this article.

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