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A little bit of history with Milie: Chapter III

In a new episode of a little bit of history with Milie, we have TibiaDraptor.com which offers you a board where you can track achievements, bosstiary, bestiary and quests. The item that represents them is the beautiful Draptor Doll, is you are interested in more details about this item, don’t miss this interview with the admin of TibiaDraptor.com

Storned (Admin) will tell us more details about their website, fansite and more.

Draptor Doll History

The Draptor Doll is one of the fansite items most loved by players, and this is noticeable in all its contests, but their website is also one of the most frequented by players to keep track of their bosstiary, quests, achievement and bestiary.


Before talking about the Draptor Doll or the name of the fansite, I’d like to begin with how the idea started. Ever since they introduced the achievement mechanic I was interested in unlocking them. Although I was limited by my level and being free account, I tried to unlock them on several of my characters.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to focus on a single character. By then, I already had many unlocked achievements and I didn’t remember which character had unlocked some achievements and in Tibia there was still no way to find out either in the game or on their website. I tried with various tools from other fansites without results, I even thought about finding out manually using excel, but it seemed a bit monotonous.

I needed a way to mark the achievements I already had, filter and unmark them to my liking. Programming that task was more fun for me than using excel, so around (or a little later) of 2017 I started to develop the script that would help me with that. A few months later the script was a complete success, I managed to find the missing achievement. It was when I thought that perhaps what I had done could be useful to more people.

I showed it to my best friend and with his help we adapted the site to make it more friendly for other people, since the first version had no design at all.

The date arrived when the site was ready to be used, the second version of the site consisted of an achievements section as the main page, a page with the ranking of achievements for each server, a history of changes to the site and the contact page. The only thing missing was the name of the site.

The first name we came up with was TibiaAchievements, but we found it a bit long and confusing to type because of the double A. The second one was TibiaChecker, but we weren’t entirely convinced. Although we didn’t have in mind to be an official fansite, let alone have our own fansite item, we thought, what if we did? That’s when we thought of our favorite mount in the game, the Draptor.

Jumping back in time a bit, in September 2021 we launched a contest to find the item that would represent us in the game. Even though we didn’t have a specific item in mind, it was clear that we wanted it to reference Draptors.

We receive many interesting proposals, from armor pieces, shields, swords, backpacks, trophies and dolls. After several rounds of eliminations, our favorites were:

Hatching Draptor

Created by Xaarcus

Ancient Cave Draptor

Created by Achiru

Mythical Draptor

Created by Aynnah

Draptor Backpack

Created by Tirano Flamel

Draptor Scale Shield

Created by Lupus Aurelius

Draptor Doll

Created by Makadamia

It was a very difficult decision that we couldn’t decide by voting because we were only two people voting. We did meetings with both of our Tibia friends and non-game friends, but we still received very mixed opinions.

In the end we decided on the Draptor Doll created by Makademia, although we requested a modification. The original was an animation that would activate when the doll was clicked and then return to its base form, what we asked was to separate that animation so that the doll could switch between normal Draptor and Shadow Draptor when clicked.

Since that day and on we kept almost all the details that she had proposed, with the exception of the weight, which represents a special date for me.

The other two winners were: Aynnah’s Mythical Draptor in second place and Xaarcus’s Hatching Draptor in third.

The final decision always rests with Cipsoft and in our case they accepted Makadamia’s design almost without problems, although a few days later they told us that a correction had to be made to the sprite outlines. I have to admit that I didn’t see that email until weeks later, for some reason it got lost in my inbox. Because of that, the Draptor Doll took a little longer than usual to be implement, but in the end it all worked out.

And in case anyone was wondering, the achievement for which TibiaDraptor was born was ‘Rockstar’

Remember to visit TibiaDraptor.com and bookmark all your achievements, bosstiary, quest and bestiary and also a special thanks to Storned for helping out on this article.

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