Crunor’s Heart story

A little bit of history with Milie: Chapter I

We start this new series of content with one of the most consumed fansites by the Tibia community, This Fansite is focused on Bosses and more. The item that represents them in Tibia is the beautiful Crunor’s Heart flower. If you are interested in to know more about this item don’t miss this great interview with a member of the TibiaBosses team.

Makadamia (Member of TibiaBosses) will tell us the process from start to finish, from the initial idea of what they wanted to the final details of their fansite item. Hope you enjoy it!

Historia de Crunor’s story


The story of Crunor’s Heart is quite complex. Today, you can see how important for fansites are fansite items representing them in Tibia. In 2018 it used to be less popular, which is why was in no hurry to introduce the item into the game. This was nearly 3 years after the site was created. We wanted to feel ready and fully satisfied with the result.

Originally, the creation of the item was to be handled by me personally. Of course, the desire to bring my design into the game was huge, but I gained some humility and decided that it was not my time yet. These were my ideas:

I suggested that my design could be corrected by someone more experienced, or we can just come up with something completely new. We decided to do something that no one but us had organized. A contest for an idea for a fansite item. What did it consist of?
Participants were to come up with a concept and lore for the item, and Lupus Aurelius would make it.
The contest was won by the famous contestant Adrilla Selassie (later known as Licad) with her wonderful story about a rose.

Well, at first it was not a favorite of Mad Def and Lupus. Mainly because the item seemed little related to the bosses. Among other things, such graphics were created:

In theory, it’s a good thing for an item to represent the site by representing its theme in some way. A boss detector? A boss doll? A reference to the site’s logo? That sounded much more sensible. What does a flower have to do with bosses…. …. However, when we got to the point of designing the rose, we fell in love with the item and there was no question of anything else!

Then there was the concept of an animation based on depicting the process of freezing the flower. This reflected much better the story written by Licad.

I also added minor changes to the stem and leaves.

Finally, we were left to come up with a name, and descriptions. Pure formality. The item was ready!

Undoubtedly the Crunor’s Heart is one of the most beautiful and beloved items by the community and the whole process involved to reach the final result was worth it.

You can read more about Crunor’s Heart at Click here to learn more.

Remember to visit to start hunting your bosses and also a special thanks to Makadamia for helping with this article.

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