Woman’s Army Contest – TibiaGallery & TibiaTales 2022.

We are very happy to announce our first contest in collaboration with our friends from  TibiaGallery, In which you will have to create a decoration inspired in one special FanFic.

We invite you to participate!

Read and know all the details and rules of the contest   here.

Best of luck and let your imagination and creativity fly!

Don't miss the opportunity to win incredible prizes!

Top 6

1.- Norelli – 112

2.- Psykeeh – 109

3.- Sakura Jett – 108

4.- Tynusiiaa – 76

5,- Lizzy Queen – 68

6.- Paollah – 55


1.- Lizzy Queen

Bella Bonecrusher’s Doll

Golden Trophy of Excellence

2.- Paollah

Nightmare Doll or

Blue Sphere

Silver Trophy of Excellence

3.- Tynusiiaa

Artículo restante

Bronze Trophy of Excellence

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