Don’t forget who you are

This FanFic was written by Erica Sar. Aylie slammed the door, with the only mana she had left, she sealed the door with magic so nothing could get in. She was afraid, she was hurt, her powers and her thoughts were betraying her, she lost control, her vision was getting blurred and she heard everything […]

The colors of a Magical Friendship.

This FanFic was written by Lady Shinaa. One day in September, thick and dark clouds came over Feyrist Island. A strong wind blew up and it started to rain.The island seemed to freeze. There was no living soul outside. They were all sheltered from the mighty and heavy rain. After some time, the clouds finally […]

Forged in Friendship

This FanFic was written by Arcai. Chapter 1: Post PalominoAs she leaned back in the beach chair, Luna felt her hooves sink into the sand and the sun against her shimmering violet coat. She closed her eyes and thought back to that fateful night that changed her life. From the moment she saw her reflection […]

From a Wild Adventure to a Magical Friendship

This FanFic was written by Lady Shinaa. One fine morning, the first rays of the sun began to wake up all the inhabitants of Feyrist Island from a deep sleep.Aylie, still sleepy, decided to go to the river to catch the morning breeze. Walking among the beautiful greenery, her attention was caught by something that, […]

Into the clouds

This FanFic was written by Elana Boss. The legacy of Feyrist’s fairies, left the following message written in its magical books: “That unique fairy of all times, who lives believing that she will never be able to fly, will find the magical point that will make her rise to the clouds” -M.A Aylie, tired of […]

‘Twas the night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, the forest lay whitecovered in snow and bathed in lightfrom the stars and the moon, and there under the treesa gnome and a witch skied with lightness and ease. They slid down the slopes on the silky soft snowand stopped by the hard frozen river below.The gnome put his sack […]

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