Tibia Continent

Main Continent Cities: Ab’Dendriel After roaming the whole continent for centuries, the elves settled in this area of luxuriant vegetation in the north of Tibia. They built their houses in and out of trees – most houses are actually located high above the ground in tree-tops and connected via bridges – and named their village […]

Tibia’s Renewal

Finally, Banor went back with the Gods asking for help and they listened to his prayers. Once again, it was the clever Uman who found a solution, a solution that was possible because he had made an amazing discovery: he had discovered that beyond the fabric of existence lay other dimensions, planes far away in […]

The Creation of the Humans

So it came to pass that the elder gods created Banor the Divine Warrior. He was the very first human, and though his creators gave him powers no other member of his race would ever be able to match, he already displayed many characteristics which clearly proved him to be human. To this very day […]

The Age of Chaos

Uman looked with sadness at the damage his evil half had done to the creation Fardos and he had worked for so hard. He felt that Zathroth had finally gone too far. In his desperation he turned to Fardos for advice. Together, they decided that it would be best to sever the bond between Uman […]

The First Creatures

Zathroth watched the progress of creation with wrath and disgust. If he had had his way, he would have obliterated creation then and there. However, he knew that he lacked the power to do that, especially since Fardos and Uman were now well aware of his intentions and watched him carefully. He would have to […]

The Birth of the Elements

So it came to pass that Tibia, the living core of all creation, was born. It derived from the element of the earth, whereas Sula, the mighty sea lapping gently against Tibia’s shores, was created from the element of water. Air rose over creation and spread itself like a protective blanket over it, while fire […]