Gamemaster & Gamemaster Doll

The Gamemasters could be easily recognized because they had the letters “GM” at the beginning of their names. Gamemasters, also known as Wizards, were players and their role was to supervise. There was quite a large and important group that served as volunteers to CipSoft, their duties were to investigate and punish rule violations in […]

A bit of history

Have you ever thought about the history of rare items? For some they are just items, while for others they are relics. This article was created to know the history of each item, or at least the myths that are known about them. Some years ago, rare items were easily obtained, so much so that […]

Nightmare Doll

Nightmare Doll, as everyone knows, is one of the high-value prizes that supported and promoted fansites give in some of their contests, but do you know the story behind this famous item? This was the first sprite created by Li Dao to participate in a Tibia contest, so its story begins when TibiaFriends (Fansite now […]

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